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7h. Selenium IDE – A glance on the Selenium commands

Welcome to yet another interesting post on Selenium IDE. Today, let us unwrap the mysteries of the commands that we see in the test script pane upon recording a test scenario. 644 more words


7g. Selenium IDE - Recording and Running a test case

Hiya testers! Welcome to another explore-along post in the land of Magic Meadows. Follow closely and work along to see some real magic happening when we playback our recordings. 448 more words


What is difference between Retesting and Regression testing?

What is Re-Testing?

When defect is detected and fixed, the software retested to confirm that the original defect has been successfully fixed properly this is called Re-Testing and also knows as Confirmation Testing. 35 more words

Software Testing Concept

7f. Selenium IDE – Command, Target and Value

Hiya friends! Isn’t it exciting to know that we can have more control on the things we do? Yes. In the land of Magic Meadows, apart from just recording, Selenium IDE gives us the power to both insert and edit commands. 296 more words


7e. Selenium IDE – Know your IDE features Contd.

Welcome back after the break. Guess you are all geared up to continue with our features exploration. So, here we go!

And yes, as always, click on each image to view an enlarged version. 964 more words


How to take screenshots via Selenium.

If we have to prove something to either a developer or a Product owner then we generally we have several ways via which we can actually show the idea to them, but what if whatever you want to show stop working when you actually want to demo it? 260 more words


How to run Selenium tests in headless mode.

Quick, pace, speed are some synonyms which describes us. We , humans, wants pace in each and every act of ours. We want to speed up things as much as we can do. 267 more words