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Wordpress Vulnerabilities

So you have found an installation of wordpress on your vulnerable virtual machine. What next?


In your browser copy the address of the wordpress installation. 140 more words

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Finding hidden web pages

So you have booted up your vulnerable VM, found the IP address and run NMap to find the open services and ports. You have found a web server running on port 80 (http) or 443 (https). 343 more words

Web Testing

How to programmatically set-up a (HTTP) proxy for a Selenium test


In the context of a (Java) Selenium test it was needed to set-up a http proxy at the level of the browser. What I wanted to achieve it was exactly what is shown in the next picture but programmatically.  98 more words


3 Tips for Thriving as a Tester: Impressions from "How to thrive as a Web Tester" by Rob Lambert

There is this one ultimate type of people that I adore the most in my life: smart, but humble. This does not sound like anything rare, right? 780 more words

Software Testing

Mobile, Cross Browser Testing, DevOps and Continuous Testing Trends and Projections for 2018

As we about to wrap out 2017, It’s the right time to get ready to what’s expected next year in the mobile, cross-browser testing and DevOps landscape. 886 more words

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Top Usability Testing Tools, You Must Need To Know About

“If we want to be serious about quality, it is time to get tired of finding bugs and start preventing their happening in the first place.”— Alan Page… 379 more words

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The Essentials of iOS App Testing For iPhone X

48 hours ago, Apple revealed its new and futuristic iPhone X. Regardless of its design, and debatable price tag, this device also introduced a whole set of functionality, display, and engagement with the end-user. 929 more words

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