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DRTV Basics Part 2: Testing

In the previous post I stated:

The PedEgg product has earned over $450 in revenues since 2007. It is just one of many DRTV product successes. 507 more words

Keys To Success

Beyond Page Objects

Beyond Page Objects

During the last couple of months I had a good time using Protractor to create an end-to-end test suite for an AngularJS web application. 372 more words

Software Testing

Learn software testing- My way of testing- Part 1


First of all I would like to clear your thoughts on software testing. Generally I saw guys stating Software testing as manual testing or automation testing but it is not. 252 more words

Automation Testing

How to navigate a website for testing (acceptance/functional) using python?

It can be done via Splinter,

Here is a sample code,

from splinter import Browser

with Browser() as browser:
# Visit URL
url = "http://www.google.com"
browser.fill('q', 'splinter - python acceptance testing for web applications')
# Find and click the 'search' button
button = browser.find_by_name('btnG')
# Interact with elements
if browser.is_text_present('splinter.cobrateam.info'):
print "Yes, the official website was found!"
print "No, it wasn't found... 8 more words

How to measure design effectiveness

I been reading a book called Adventures in Experience Design written by Carolyn Chandler and Anna Van Slee, and I found a method that seems to be very useful to test how effective an user interface is. 418 more words


at org.openqa.selenium.firefox.internal.NewProfileExtensionConnection.start(NewProfileExtensionConnection.java:106)

There are several phases in a tester’s life starting from working in a team to making automation framework. Along with this he/she has to make sure the integrity of the work-test life-cycle. 998 more words


Helium .. a boon or not to all automation engineers?

‘Selenium’ is the hot-topic in the automation sector, if any developer or tester knows Selenium well, then it is considered  as he can do anything which is required to perform ‘Web automation’. 438 more words