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How Much Has the Web Changed?

People keep saying that the World Wide Web has changed since its introduction. But has the internet really changed? Let have a look;

Screen Sizes… 412 more words

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Tech Privacy

We took a detailed look at this issue in 2011, and the intersection of technology and privacy – as predicted – has become more intricate and pervasive. 290 more words

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Logo Jeez Review Few Deadly Web Design Sins

As web designing is a tricky topic everyone has different opinions about what constitutes to a good or a bad web design. Some believe that a website should be up to date, modern in design and should be attractive in order to catch attention of the visitor. 361 more words

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Logo Jeez Reviews Best New Web Design Tools

Trends come and go every year in fact every month. It becomes necessary for designers to keep themselves updated with such design trends and tools to cater the ever changing tastes of their audience. 342 more words

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Strengthening the Design of Your Landing Pages

There are many ideas available on the web that guides you how to make the best out of your landing page. But the best of the landing pages are those which put a premium on every component of the landing page that engages the viewer and communicates with them. 383 more words

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Logo Jeez Reviews: Are Home Page Sliders good or bad for User experience?

Have you heard off any popular web functionality feature that has raised so much controversy? Logo Jeez reviews various discussions about Home Page Sliders or carousel sparks around the web from time to time. 474 more words

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Logo Jeez reviews: How to Handle Aggressive Web Design Clients?

The saying that “Customers are always right” still goes and somehow has made its way into the psyches of Logo Jeez web designers. We at… 453 more words

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