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Camping at 4500 meters... in the clouds !!! (Episode 47)

We’re heading to South-Lipez, next to the border between Bolivia and Chili. We take on a difficult 4×4 track. We’re ready for the lagunas: beautiful lakes with amazing colors located more than 4 000 meters above sea level.


Follow me to the Neverland... (Episode 46)

Second star to the right and straight on till morning… We followed the directions and took off ! You just have to reach the Salar of Uyuni in the middle of the raining season. 14 more words


Are you really sure about it, Dad ? (Episode 45)

As soon as we arrive in Bolivia, we decide to take little back tracks to reach the Salar of Uyuni. Wrong pick ! With the raining season, everything is flooded. 13 more words


Our expedition on mules in the inca territory ! (Episode 42)

Here we go for our 5 days journey towards an unheralded inca site. Discovered in 1834 by a french countryman, it was then forgotten until the 80s. 20 more words


The salt of the Incas (Episode 43)

We enter the sacred valley. It protects the entrance toward the Machu Pichu. Here, the incas harvested salt and grew some plants.

6 En Piste

At the foot of the volcanos (Episode 44)

As soon as we enter in Chili, we follow a small track in between the volcanos. The landscape is amazing.  We decide to pitch up the tent right in the middle of it, 4300 meters high, next to the lamas.


On the riverbanks of lake Titikaka (Episode 41)

Here we are, almost leaving Bolivia, at the border with Peru, next to lake Titikaka.
Bolivian people love to spend their vacation here…. and guess what : the incas loved it too !