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Facing a giant guinea pig (Episode 32)

Here we are finally: in South America. Argentina is ours, so we head on to a wild life area, to see what the fauna is like on this side of the ocean.

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After km's of dust, comes the km's of white sand ! (Episode 30)

We drove across Africa and here it lies, the Indien Ocean, with its beautiful beaches, its warm waters… A real paradise ! Who said it was winter in Mozambique ?

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Great Zimbabwe, palace of a king and his 200 wives (Episode 29)

Why is Zimbabwe called like that ? What gave its name to the country ? A monument built centuries ago to host kings. If you want to walk around the old stones with us and understand what Zimbabwe means, follow the guide !

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Wanna feed a baby buffalo with us ? (Episode 28)

Guess who we meet upon our arrival in Zimbabwe ? Barnabe, a baby buffalo who’s lost his mother. After 3 days crying in front of a lodge, he’s been welcomed and taken care of by the staff. 17 more words

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King Coke...(an opinion and review of Netflix original series NARCOS).

I’ve been seeing ads on my Facebook account about this Netflix series almost every time I open my page to check on my news feeds. At first  I didn’t pay attention to the teasers being shown not until I learned the story is about Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s richest man and Colombia’s most notorious and ruthless drug kingpin. 1,172 more words

Feels like home (Episode 27)

Who said Zambia was all about the Vic’ falls, the elephants or the leopards?
Well it’s a lot more than that: its people are incredibly welcoming. 14 more words