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Short blog post: Response #44

As I have stated over and over and over again, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The ideas that my classmates brought to the table, if you will, were amazing; everyone’s thoughts were intelligently, well-thought-out. 310 more words

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Long blog post: Response #43

Billie-Jo’s murder was one of my three choices for this assignment. I formed the group myself, and created our Facebook message group. My group members and I worked so well together. 592 more words

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Short Blog Post: Response #39: A Blast From the Past!

I read A Mysterious Affair at Styles, and I definitely enjoyed it. Some moments reminded me of several moments in Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study in Scarlet, and E.W. 331 more words

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Short blog post–Response #34: Ngaio Marsh.

After reading other’s comments about the beginning of the story, I thought I would be in for another dreadful reading, if you will; however, Ngaio Marsh’s… 474 more words

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Long Blog post–Response #33: Billie-Jo Jenkins, The Bludgeoned Beauty! (Mystery Group Assignment)!

Note: All writings from my perspective of Annie Jenkins and Ruth Bristow is just that . . . my perspective. All writings from their point of view have been fabricated and exaggerated for a class assignment. 914 more words

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Short blog post–Response #29: Hidden Desires Are No Longer Repressed.

World War I had a major impact on British society: “The First World War had a profound impact upon British society. It swept away much of the old Victorian and Edwardian order and established many of the features that we associate with ‘modern’ 20th-century Britain” (“The War and the Changing Face of British Society.” ). 457 more words

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How we felt about computers...

Scary to start with afraid of the unknown comes to mind.  But my fears were unfounded with excellent tuition from our tutor John and some friendly faces in the form of volunteers Paula and John but also my fellow classmates some of whome were more affraid than me :-) 83 more words

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