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Your guide to understanding schizophrenia

We interviewed leading experts on schizophrenia to create this special online resource about the devastating condition. All articles and Q&As written and edited by JR Lisk.

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Do You Really Need That Exclamation Point? #webwriting #grammar

Here’s a handy flowchart to help you decide, but it’s generally a good idea to abstain as much as possible!

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Tweet or tweet? E-mail or email? LOL or lol?! #grammar #writing

Tweet or tweet? Website or web site? Well, for those of us who write for the web (and care about such distinctions!), there is a new… 37 more words


Web Writing: The Editorial Article

Editorial writing consists of writing and publishing an article that takes a stance on a topic. The position must be supported with documentation, reference material, and quotes. 4,434 more words

Web Writing