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The HTTPS-only experience

EFF recently announced that We’re Halfway to Encrypting the Entire Web.” As a celebration of this achievement I’ve started an experiment: as of yesterday, no unencrypted HTTP traffic reaches this machine*. 410 more words


A Boost for Your Shoot

Having trouble getting your photo shoots recognized? Or maybe you want more traffic to your photography page! Search Engine Optimization is the way to go! It can be complex, but it can be very useful to you. 410 more words


A battle rages for the future of the Web

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

The W3C, led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, looks set to standardise DRM-enabling Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) in browsers, a move that betrays the founding principles of the open Web. 732 more words



Are you someone who doesn’t follow the news because it’s “depressing” and “always filled with bad news”? Sometimes when we watch, read or listen to the news it can seem like every story reported is a terrible or depressing event; I’ll definitely be the first to admit that I’ve questioned why the media concentrate so heavily on the bad things in life rather than the good. 391 more words