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[Article] Do you really need to build your own professional website?

Good question and good read from the folks at Ultimez Technology. In a tech savvy world, I feel like web design is a hassle for people who don’t actually want to fool with it. 15 more words


IIJ、WebゲートウエイサービスにWebコンテンツ無害化オプションを追加 [ #cloud ]




クラウド型ウェブ会議「ミエルカ・クラウド」、複数人の映像を配信できるパネルディスカッション機能付きセミナーモードを搭載 [ #cloud ]




Coursework Catching up on me

Doing an IT apprenticeship comes with a lot of coursework that you have to complete, as well as the in-college training. I’m on a level 4 apprenticeship as I completed the level 3 at a previous company before TfL. 364 more words


Kalev Leetaru: Why Aren't We Doing More With Our Web Archives?

Kalev Leetaru in Forbes: Why Aren’t We Doing More With Our Web Archives? “Since the early days of the web there have been myriad projects launched to archive and preserve the digital world that increasingly powers our global society. 120 more words

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