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The enabled layman hypothesis


Ok google! , Hey Siri! , Hi Alexa! , these phrases have become synonyms of activating a superpower. There is always an expert column waiting to be discovered about almost everything you can think of. 487 more words

Daily Thoughts

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Tools in Front End

Google’s Java script Test Runner and natural Choice for testing Angular js. In addition to
allowing you to run your tests on real browers (including phone and Tablet browers) it is… 163 more words

Angular Js

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<?xml version= “1.0” encoding= “utf-8” ?>




eg: <datasource id=”db_oracle”>…</datasource>

  • 大小写敏感
  • 元素必须要有关闭标签
  • 必须有根元素
  • 元素必须正确嵌套
  • 在 XML 中,空格会被保留

XML将数据组织成为一棵树,DOM 通过解析 XML 文档,为 XML 文档在逻辑上建立一个树模型,树的节点是一个个的对象。这样通过操作这棵树和这些对象就可以完成对 XML 文档的操作,为处理文档的所有方面提供了一个完美的概念性框架。

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Why Do You Need DDoS Attack Protection?

It doesn’t matter which industry you operate in or whether your business is big or small, distribute denial of service (DDoS) attacks impact everybody. Not only have they become more frequent over the years, but also cost organizations more than $250,000 per hour – as per a… 55 more words


Reverse proxy with requests redirect in C#

If you develop Web applications or Web APIs, you’ve certainly used Fiddler for examining requests and responses. If your client and server run on PC the is no problem using Fiddler, but imagine that both my server and client run on Linux devices and I wish to sniff HTTP traffic between them but I do not have possibility to install software like Fiddler or… 1,016 more words