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Express your Thoughts Visually


Entering this assignment I was unsure if I would enjoy it. I am a very creative person, although I do not enjoy showing my creativity through electronic forms. 365 more words


My Experience with a QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Recently in my EDTS 325 class, I had the opportunity to take part in a QR Code Scavenger Hunt. Our class was split into teams, and we had to run around the college looking for different QR codes in various locations. 251 more words

Where Are We Now?

Are we still in the Web 2.0 era? Did Web 3.0 arrive already? What is Web 3.0? When will Web 4.0 / 5.0 arrive and what will it look like? 707 more words


How beneficial/problematic is the Web 2.0 for the Tourism Industry?

Since the internet arrived, everything changed, the communication was facilitated by this tool. Nowadays, the web allow us to do whatever we want in a easier way, we can make social life, search information, post videos, ideas, pictures, buy, sell, offer products, etc. 275 more words

Interactive Systems in the Classroom

This week I was able to test out some awesome online teacher tools to create an interactive classroom! In this there was a variety of different kinds of tools, from quizzes to texting to games, there are so many amazing resources online! 1,068 more words

Interactive Systems Assessment

This week in my education technology class, we got to play around with interactive systems and experience then as students. We were then challenged to use those same systems as if we were teachers to produce a quiz or activity to fully understand them. 1,227 more words


Interactive Classrooms

Technology in the classroom can change your classroom from traditional, to up to date immediately. In this century, technology makes a significant difference in the classroom.   1,291 more words