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Web 2.0 submission- Latest SEO techniques

The web is the platform and the Information is what moves the Internet. Both the technology provides the better source for having access to www which is world wide web that helps internet users to get any information on what they want.   416 more words

Indian SEO Companies

My Education Technology Skills

Over the semester in EDTS325, we have learned a massive amount of skills we can use in the classroom. These skills are Smart Notebook, Google, interactive assessment, videos, coding, and social media websites that develop our personal learning network. 1,019 more words


Digital Citizenship in and out of the Classroom

Everything is True on The Internet, Isn’t it?

In our EDTS325 class we did a neat activity to learn about Digital Citizenship. In this activity we were in groups of two. 666 more words


5 Bahasa Pengekodan Yang Anda Wajib Pelajari Untuk SPM

Anda sudah membuat keputusan untuk mengambil Sains Komputer tahun depan? Jika begitu, terdapat beberapa bahasa pengekodan yang anda perlu pelajari sepanjang cuti sekolah ini agar anda lebih bersedia (dan boleh berlagak dengan kawan-kawan). 591 more words