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vegan pumpkin spice (the starbucks meeting)

Jude arrived at Starbucks (minus his fedora) several minutes early so he could order a coffee. After arguing with the Barista about why they couldn’t make him a vegan pumpkin spice latte, he settled for a hot tea with Equal. 514 more words


Meet the Feet

A few weeks ago I was researching some interesting facts for my post World of Woodpeckers. One of the featured facts was that woodpeckers have two forward and two backwards-facing toes, making their feet  708 more words

Swimming Dinosaurs

As part of our topic this week we have been learning about deep water dinosaurs.

Using Rufus’ book we found out about a swimming reptile called a ‘Liopleurodon’, not to be confused with a ‘Liopoorodon’ as sometimes is can be mistakenly pronounced, especially by the boys in our class! 207 more words

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