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My Webbed Toes

I have decided to start a short one off blog to provide more information on the condition of webbed toes or in medical terms syndactyly. I am a female in her mid twenties who was born with this condition. 505 more words



i know, i know

im just not quick enough

but aren’t we on the same team

i agree i agree

im not as smart as you… 20 more words


So Far From Home.

I saw a seagull today
walking with webbed feet
on the same grey sidewalk
I’m on.

I was happily surprised
to see it in my neighborhood… 88 more words


Boots, Boats & The Ark, Or Too Much Responsibility For 1

I broke down today and bought the one thing I swore I would never do, not even here. I bought rubber boots, Wellingtons, Wellies, goloshes or whatever else you want to call them. 234 more words