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Hedgie Hates #253: Energy Drinks

You can actually suffer severe health issues if you consume too much caffeine (read about some of the effects here). Even ‘natural’ energy drinks can cause issues (ginseng can disrupt sleep patterns), but thankfully most of the ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ parts are easily passed out of the body when your body says it’s had the amount it requires for normal functioning. 109 more words


Learn a new language

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Taking a break from LiaBH to try out my side project, MMA BBQ!

Ok, so it’s essentially life in a Black Hole, but about Mixed Martial Arts. 11 more words

Day 56: Hold That Door!

This had happened. Not just recently, but also frequently too.

It would be nice if people just say “thanks” when you hold the door. You know , I have low expectations so just SMILE as a response would suffice for me. 94 more words