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Sundays On Safari #2: Bad Jokes

Bad jokes are a peculiar disease among Shopper populations. Unfortunately, eradication is most likely impossible. This condition will persist forever, as far as my observations can conclude, so the shopkeeper must be prepared to combat it in whichever way they best see fit, without resorting to violence, mind you. 106 more words


Poor Swordmage...

Arcana checks man, arcana checks. Also, yes, Swordmage does have a problem.





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TPW Comic - 27

Oh Second Life, how I love you.  Logged in today and it worked fine.

Yay!  We can continue the story and I can start taking pictures again!


Inktober Day 22: Cloud, the Witch of Spring

If I don’t point out the mistakes. . . then you’re less likely to see them, right? Right?!

Woo, my fifth Inktober pic!  Not bad considering it’s day 22!  97 more words


Dragon Hearted Girl - Chapter 2: Page 1

Chapter 2 begins. I’m mega excited!

I’m trying to adopt a simpler style, one that reflects the ‘manga’ style more and can hopefully cut down the time spent on pages! 460 more words

Dragon Hearted Girl