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Salute This!

It’s a flag. Sure, its important. People salute it, it represents them and their country. What better way to show how democracy works in the free world than to spend countless taxpayer dollars on this issue? Good luck, Kiwis. FT :-)

Growth: Poppies!!!

Ahhhh I finished the title page and first page!!! I posted it now~ Click the image to go to the webcomic itself~!


title page

I finished the first page already, so I’m making the title page~


Embracing the inevitable

All the comics this week have something to do with embracing the inevitable.  I started the week off with a healthy dose of complaining about how inevitable it is to see videos i don’t wanna see due to Facebook auto-playing everything (regardless of how many times i turn auto-play off).   39 more words

Enjoy your body

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