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Page 3: An "unlikely" hero

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i mean come on, even supes does a better job of concealing his identity… well he doesn’t but it works… somehow. 16 more words


Page 2: super anime attack background spell

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i looked up the name of this on tv tropes but it apparently doesn’t have one yet.

i like new stuff.


Page 1: yet another unfortunate morning.

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if you’re wondering whether clueless is referring to a naughty dream or a downright bizarre one…

god shrugs today


The Restless Scroll 5: Encounter at Highpoint

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look at me trying to reference things that i haven’t watched

wait is tng on netflix? 6 more words


The Eyes have it

Meeting with Ashley, my artist today. As I watched her put the shading on the cover of the comic, we nattered on the topic of eyes. 126 more words