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Out Of The Box - 295

Hmm, and it looks like your box is a little askew, as well.  Seems like my technical difficulties are spreading!  Is this Skynet?!?


397 - Magic Chromatic

She’s done it! Okay she’s not red, but green is just as good.

The latest episode of my comic, Mizzle.

Follow the non-adventures of Mizzle, the runt of a litter of superhero cats. 72 more words

1000 Drawings

Two WIP's

Firstly, page progress, and then some bonus art:

Two of four panels on page 70 are now penciled in! :)

Featuring Tock behind the gatepost, btw, because I love this little moment and its so tiny in comparison to everything going on. 28 more words

Tock The Gnome

Operation is set to go! (Contrasted and Endless Cup, July 2015)

Last Friday, I posted on Tapastic the cover for Chapter 1. Check it out on Tapastic and subscribe if you haven’t.

In further news, Contrasted is still not very far, going into illustrating and all, but I’ve been making a few changes on it’s look. 122 more words

Kimmron Thomas