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Where we learn that Sekhmet has a sleeping secret…

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Pascal 2: The Wagering

As it turns out, not believing in God and lying are still sins, whether you go to church or not.

And, no, you can’t just “change your beliefs” as I’ve been told to do on more than one occasion.


Root Redwing 4

Night has fallen and this is getting spooky! What has Root found in her boat? Did she forget and leave the microwave on while cooking up some marshmallows for s’mores? 119 more words


Respond positively to the news

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Day 163: Sleeping in

I’m sure there are people who share this sentiment.

Ah! If sleep is for the weak, then I am lethargic.

I get to live like this for a while longer until real REAL life kicks in and then I have to work and do other adult stuff. 20 more words