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W20: Wireframe

Since semesterstart we’ve been working on webdesign. Last week we were going to write down ten questions that we would need when making a website for a client. 473 more words


First step

I don’t know how to start.

I’m not good at english, but i’ll do my best to become better. I hope you don’t mind little grammar mistakes and you’ll finish reading this post. 536 more words


Designing a #ContemporaryRomance Website for Author @EliseManion

Our latest website design is for Elise Manion, contemporary romance author of the King Brothers novels.

Introducing: elisemanion.com

We created a sleek and beautiful design, which also works across all technology platforms (desktop), tablet, and phone (mobile). 103 more words

Blue Harvest Creative

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I'd been struggling with creating the perfect website for over three years before I admitted to myself that it was too much for me to do alone. Once again, Blue Harvest Creative has come through and designed this fabulous website. Elegant and simply efficient, visitors can find whatever they are looking for with a simple click. Many thanks to the creative team at BHC! As always, you've rocked my world again!

Does junk food need the tobacco treatment?

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Obesity is the leading cause of poor health yet little is being done to make junk food less accessible. 1,378 more words