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Element not clickable at point Selenium Webdriver


Element not clickable at point (x, y)


This issue normally occurs if the target element is not clickable, which means that the element is not in the state of user interaction. 214 more words


Selenium WebDriver Element is not visible error

Element is not visible error:

This error occurs when the target element is hidden below some other element (something like a dialog box) or it is hidden by the CSS in the page. 158 more words


Handling tinyMCE editor with Selenium Webdriver

Here is how to use Selenium Webdriver with tinyMCE:

The tinyMCE editor creates its own iframe, so before selenium is able to perform any task or action on it, it has to first switch the control to the iframe and then start execution. 92 more words


Selenium Explicit and Implicit Waits


To wait means having the task to stop execution for a certain amount of time. After the the time is elapsed the execution continues with he next steps. 492 more words


Selenium Page Interactions and Actions API


A Note Before Interactions

Slow Network Connections are evil for Selenium

Since right the after the statement to load the page the element is not displayed, because the page might not have been loaded fully depending upon the network connection speed. 987 more words


Tutorial: Selenium Part 4 – Taking Screenshots

This is a quick guide on how to implement screenshots in your tests. You may require screenshots as test evidence or just to keep a log, whatever you need them for, I hope you find this useful. 302 more words


Selenium Element Selectors

To perform operations and tasks on webpage and or elements of the page, the selenium script requires to be aware of the element on which the operation is to be performed. 633 more words