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Running Automated Tests Against Mobile Safari on Real iOS Device


  • OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
  • Xcode 7.2.1
  • iOS Device (9.2.1)
  • Homebrew
  • Git
  • SafariLauncher
  • Appium (1.4.16)
  • Apple ID with *Provisioning Profile (iOS Development)
*Note: Free iOS Development Provisioning Profile can be created via Xcode 7… 432 more words

How to read CSV file from second row or from any specific row? Or How to skip rows in CSVReader to read from specific row ?

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Firefox driver always starting on firstrun page, breaking all test scripts : Solutions


If you are facing the issue “Firefox driver always starting on firstrun page, breaking all test scripts”.

I found a solution which was helpful to solve the issue of (Firefox) first run page. 53 more words

Firefox Profile

Web Scraping Ajax Heavy Page with Ruby

In the comment section of my previous blog post an WordPress user named Dr Slater asked if I could help out solving a coding problem. This is Dr Slater’s request: 677 more words


Using Selenium

There’s an increasing need to use automation to assist with our testing. We are about to launch into developing a huge, new system that interacts with all sorts of existing systems. 381 more words

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Separation of concern when using Selenium

A lot of people want to automate testing of their web applications. This is definitely a good thing. But it happens that they focus more on the tooling than the testing. 1,205 more words


How to Use ES6 Generators to Simplify Your Node.js Selenium Webdriver Scripts

For a couple weeks, I have been using cucumber.js and selenium webdriver for acceptance testing.

For the most part, I’ve been very happy with tools. However, the pervasent use of promises in selenium webdriver annoys me. 358 more words