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Parallel testing using MSTest (Part 1)

Parallel testing with MSTest was introduced starting with Visual Studio 2010 edition. This increases the number of tests running at the same time therefore the amount required to run all the tests will be decreased. 823 more words


Create Separate Credential files for Selenium Python

Often we need to authenticate users to run some test cases. In those cases we should never hardcode user’s credential in the test script. This could lead to a security issue. 351 more words


How to add Selenium NuGet packages in Visual Studio

Open Visual Studio

In Solution explorer on the right, expand “References”

Note: If you do not see solution explorer then click on “View” tab and select the solution explorer view… 42 more words

Selenium Page Object Generator Chrome Extension

For those who works on the Page Object framework, this chrome extension helps in creating the page object class for Selenium WebDriver with locators for all available elements and methods to access them. 245 more words

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Selenium tests with Firefox 48+ and Marionette-based Geckodriver (Part 2)

In the previous post I went a bit about the details as to why the older FirefoxDriver will no longer work with Firefox 48 and beyond. 739 more words


Selenium tests with Firefox 48+ and Marionette-based Geckodriver (Part 1)

To understand why existing Selenium tests will no longer work with Firefox 48 and beyond, we need to first see what changed were deployed by Mozilla starting with this version. 519 more words



XPath – Very common word and locator for automation tester life. Especially for those who use Selenium (Webdriver). Everyone use XPath as locator but still found confused in interviews. 583 more words

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