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Unit Testing Emscripten Library in Browser Using CMake and Nightwatch.JS

In a previous blog post, I described how I took Emscripten-created JS and turned it into an UMD module.  One of the reasons I did this was because I wanted more control over the generated JavaScript and for it to be usable in more contexts, such as with the… 983 more words


Simple Tip: Pass By Locators Into Methods For Maximum Versatility

This may seem like an obvious tip to many, but I’ve seen a few applications for automated tester roles at my company that fail to do this.  203 more words


Firefox + selenium

Once upon a time Firefox was a gold standard for running functional automation tests. But now it is quite hard to find appropriate versions of Firefox, geckodriver and selenium server. 32 more words


thewaiter: opening a page and waiting for it to load with Selenium

In this post i will discuss the methods you can find in thewaiter library, for waiting for a page to load completely. I will show the methods you can use from… 910 more words


Page Object Model Inheritance

Hopefully you already know the importance of using the Page Object Model to keep your code organised.  To keep your code maintainable it’s a good practice to have page objects inherit from a single abstract “BasePage” object.  313 more words


Introducing thewaiter. A WebDriverWait based library for writing reliable Selenium tests

During my talk at the recent SauceCon conference, i described how you can write reliable Selenium tests by using WebDriverWait based methods to wait for page events to take place. 611 more words



  • Didn’t keep much of a journal today.
  • Day started and ended with me pulling my hair out trying to fix the myriad problems I’ve encountered attempting to update the v1 automation toolset.
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Rlb_tester And Zer0spec