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When we talk about continuous integration; there are many tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo etc. But Jenkins is the most popular because of its numerous plugin and free style configurations for jobs. 541 more words


Multiple Window Handling in Selenium

Today most of the web applications contain multiple navigation links which lead the user to other windows. It is quite possible that at the same time, functionality is performed using two or more windows.   445 more words


Using Selenium with NodeJS

When I started worked on a project using these tools there was not a lot of information available on the web, so I figured this would be a good subject for my first article. 459 more words


Selenium: Selenium IDE, RC and WebDriver

Selenium is an automation test framework or an API that works with Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python and Groovy programming languages to automate the browser activities. 471 more words

Automation Testing

Page Object Model(POM) Framework in Selenium - Introduction

What is POM?

In automated web testing, a Page Object is a class or object that represents a web page in your application. A Page Object hides the technical details about how you interact with a web page behind a more readable and business-focused facade. 215 more words


Setting up minimal Selenium Grid with Docker

Here’s simple guide to setup a minimal Selenium Grid with Docker. For running Docker on your machine you will need Docker toolbox installed from https://www.docker.com/products/docker-toolbox… 201 more words

Test Automation

Locating Elements

Locating Elements in a page with Selenium Web driver with Python

There are various strategies to locate elements in a page. You can use the most appropriate one for your case. 145 more words