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Functional Testing and STLC Training

Out Functional testing and STLC Training covers following topics:

  •  Software development and Testing phases
  •  Types of Testing
  •  Agile Methodology
  •  STLC and Test Scenarios
  •  Writing test cases…
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EventFiringWebDriver, WebDriverEventListener, and AbstarctWebDriverEventListener

Before getting into the sample code, lets have a look on EventFiringWebDriver, WebDriverEventListener, and AbstarctWebDriverEventListener descriptions.

  • EventFiringWebDriver is a class and wrapper around an arbitrary webdriver instance which supports registering of a WebDriverEventListener.
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Selenium Webdriver

Introduction to Selenium Automation Framework

Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting test automation. Most Selenium QA Engineers focus on the one or two tools that most meet the needs of their project. 246 more words


Execute TestNG Tests from ANT build.xml

We will create a sample project and execute TestNG tests using ANT build.xml. Before creating build.xml file, we will first create a project with some sample testng tests. 852 more words


Build.xml for Selenium Webdriver + Ant + TestNg + XSLT

Automation reporting has always been a topic which makes people scratch their head :)

From my view point automation reporting can be divided into 2 chapters: 2,322 more words


Beyond Page Objects

Beyond Page Objects

During the last couple of months I had a good time using Protractor to create an end-to-end test suite for an AngularJS web application. 372 more words

Software Testing

Web Automation using Selenium

Generating PDF Report in java

1) Download the apache.pdfbox and apache.fontbox jar files and add it to the project

2) Import below in the class you want to write the logic to generate report… 189 more words

Creating Pdf File In Java