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Lessons learned at SeleniumConf 2016

I am back from the SeleniumConf UK 2016 event which took place in London, and i have to say, it was a fantastic experience.  I have seen some really great talks, got plenty of takeaways, and as an added bonus, as a speaker, i managed to get a sneak peak ‘backstage’. 551 more words


Selenium tutorial

Tutorial use Selenium with chrome browser and firefox browser 90 more words

ChromeDriver Error : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

Came across this error while trying to get Jenkins-Selenium combination running on my machine:-

org/openqa/selenium/chrome/ChromeDriver : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

Solution: Found out I have given Selenium v3.0.1 in my pom.xml file, which is not a stable selenium version.

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Webyver - An Automatic Financial Analysis Tool

People are always in an ever-growing need to parse and display their relevant financial data.

Getting access to this data of their pension funds, credit card charges or bank account balance without handling inconveniences such as recalling passwords or wasting time on browsing would be a plus. 59 more words


CSS Selector in Selenium

Previously shared how we can use XPath in Selenium in the different way to solve the locator problem.

Now this blog helps you out how to effectively use CSS selector locator in selenium to identify elements. 334 more words

Automation Testing

Python + WebDriver: Explicit vs Implicit Waits

Selenium Webdriver provides two types of waits – implicit & explicit. An explicit wait makes WebDriver to wait for a certain condition to occur before proceeding further with executions. 198 more words