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Tutorial: Selenium continuous integration test

The project for this tutorial can be found at:

https://github.com/ericynt/blog-repo (development branch)

See the readme in the submodule for info. about how to run the project. 1,081 more words


Selenium tests, the Object Oriented way - example 1 (with code)

This is going to be a follow-up post in regards to the approach i showed at my SeleniumConf talk, on doing Selenium tests by using an Object Oriented approach. 1,626 more words


Shifting left with DevOps and Continuous Integration

Adopting Continuous delivery helps to achieve rapid application development throughout the software application life cycle. It is a methodology, a mindset change,a shift-left approach and a leadership practice to streamline manual processes and enforce consistency and repeat-ability in software delivery pipeline. 712 more words


Building a Selenium Grid

When testing with Selenium WebDriver, it usually becomes necessary to need access to multiple drivers simultaneously. This may be for running tests in parallel or performing cross-browser testing. 35 more words


Integration tests = Cucumber + Selenium + Spring Boot

Let’s say you had this web application with nice unit tests covering the backend calculations, where people keep calling wrong calculations from the frontend. Microservices or not, it happens, so you’ll need proper integration testing. 1,210 more words


JavaScript Executor

JavaScript Executioner was a high court executioner who challenged Conan the Barbarian to a drinking contest.  After it was discovered that he filled Conan’s meadhorn with sea-water, he was exiled from the land of Hyrkania.   327 more words

Lessons learned at SeleniumConf 2016

I am back from the SeleniumConf UK 2016 event which took place in London, and i have to say, it was a fantastic experience.  I have seen some really great talks, got plenty of takeaways, and as an added bonus, as a speaker, i managed to get a sneak peak ‘backstage’. 551 more words