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Clicking Web Elements with Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is the most popular open source package for Web UI test automation. It allows tests to interact directly with a web page in a live browser. 401 more words


Running first Selenium Test Case on Chrome Browser.

In the Last Blog we discussed about Eclipse Configuration with Selenium WebDriver. Today we will see how we can implement our first Selenium test case in Chrome browser… 354 more words

thewaiter: waiting for a URL in the browser to equal or contain a String, with Selenium

In some tests it is not enough to just wait for a page to fully load, but instead you need to make sure that the URL corresponding to that page is the expected one. 2,034 more words


thewaiter: clicking on an element by using waits with Selenium

One of the most common ways of interacting with a page displayed in a browser, in Selenium tests, is clicking on a WebElement. But many times, due to the timing when the click happens, it will fail, since the WebElement that needs to be clicked is not yet available. 752 more words


Parse Yaml file


  • Install ruamel.yaml library
pip install ruamel.yaml
  • Default snippet to parse yaml file
from ruamel import yaml

data = yaml.safe_load(open('defaults.yaml'))
  • Below is an implementation for python behave framework…
  • 85 more words

What is Selenium ? and how to configure Selenium Webdriver in Eclipse

Selenium is an open source suite of tools specifically for automating web browsers. Selenium supports a variety of browsers and languages. Automated tests can be carried out on following browsers:  126 more words