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Checking whether an image is broken with HttpClient

Let’s say you have a task to check whether a certain image is broken on your page. In case of a broken image, instead of it being rendered properly on the page in your browser, you will see a suggestive icon, like an X or something similar (depending on the browser), suggesting that it’s broken.  845 more words


30days of security testing

Well I am about 2 months into my role as a junior software tester and I am really enjoying it. I work in a fast paced agile environment and we are logging bugs all the time and there is a small team of us. 215 more words

Using Internet Explorer Web Driver with Splinter Framework

Splinter is an excellent framework for web browser automation in Python, built on top of Selenium, that elegantly abstracts many low level tasks that were cumbersome. 363 more words


Conceptual understanding of Selenium grid


In this article, we will look into how a typical Selenium grid setup would look like and how the whole setup works.

While trying to understand the Selenium grid, I followed a lot of blogs and articles on web which are pretty explanatory with details of how to setup grid, node and use them. 1,148 more words

Automation Framework

A Beginners Guide to Selenium: Setting up your environment

If you are in the business of automating web sites,  testing all the bits and bobs on pages, validating workflow, and pushing the boundaries of stress testing application servers, maybe even extend to denial of service tests, well then, look no further than Selenium WebDriver. 1,787 more words

Selenium WebDriver

Why Learn Selenium Now ?

Bug Fixing: One of IT Jobs That May Disappear Soon.

Reports of job cuts in the IT industry due to automation have been a major cause of concern for the employees and jobseekers. 121 more words


How to Automation Functional Testing using Selenium Webdriver + Python Part1.


I want to automate functional testing on this site. 
A googel type search web with a button see more as pagination.


The exact environment used in this case is below,
But this method is suitable for any platform:

IDE: PyCharm CommunityEdition
OS:  Linux UbuntuMate 16.04  
Browser: 59.0 (Build oficial) (64 bits) 340 more words