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How to Automation Functional Testing using Selenium Webdriver + Python Part1.


I want to automate functional testing on this site. 
A googel type search web with a button see more as pagination.


The exact environment used in this case is below,
But this method is suitable for any platform:

IDE: PyCharm CommunityEdition
OS:  Linux UbuntuMate 16.04  
Browser: 59.0 (Build oficial) (64 bits) 340 more words

Selenium - An Introduction

Selenium is an open source tool which is used to Automate Web applications which is Application under Test(AUT) in order to perform Regression Testing of applications.Selenium is a suite of tools which is automate web browsers in different platforms,supports many languages,runs in different operating systems.Selenium suite is a combination of four tools. 342 more words

Software Testing

Selenium WebDriver Architecture

Before getting hands on code, we should learn about Selenium. Learning about the architecture gives deeper understanding on the language.


Selenium WebDriver Start-Kit

Content overview- check out my youtube video for step by step guidance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1JA5-IfMlY&t=1s

  2. Maven POM script example
  3. Open browser script examples in Chrome and Firefox…
  4. 365 more words

Selenium WebDriver - Running Tests On Various Browsers with Capabilities

In our automation journey we would have come across browser specific issues in Firefox and IE. Using below preferences and capabilities can help us avoid those… 213 more words


Selenium WebDriver - Running Tests On Various Browsers

What is WebDriver: WebDriver is an interface that is version 2.0 of selenium.

How to invoke tests on browsers? All browsers have different classes to invoke test. 77 more words


How to Configure Selenium WebDriver

Hola Testers,

Today I’m going to to tell how to configure Selenium WebDriver. Yes, this is the first lesson for Selenium WebDriver. I hope this will be useful for new users. 508 more words