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Cross Browser Testing using CodedUI Test

Before starting this topic I would like to clear in beginning that Visual Studio 2013 uses Selenium WebDriver component to achieve cross browser testing as of now. 113 more words

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Alternate Way for sendKeys

One of my friend called me yesterday, he had an interview on Selenium WebDriver and got confused on 1 Question.

What is an alternative for sendKeys Method in WebDriver? 258 more words


Rerun Failed JUnit Tests

Hello Friends,

Many times Selenium tests are getting failed due to no reason… as UI tests are fragile in nature.

There are many uncertainties like slow response, browser issues… and many more. 347 more words


Synchronization or Wait in Selenium WebDriver (C#)

Synchronization or wait helps to handle dependencies while executing the script because sometime tools execution speed does not match with the application speed or some web elements response time does not match with script actions. 307 more words

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How to setup Selenium WebDriver with Visual Studio 2013?

Before setting up Selenium with Visual Studio, we should make sure that machine should have installed Visual Studio 2013 and NuGet.

So if above pre-requisites are in right place then start Visual Studio and create new project. 168 more words

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Find Broken Images in Web-Page

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While testing the web-page, It always happen when page renders properly but Image/Images are not displayed due to incorrect path
Technically images which are not having correct path are called as Broken Images. 1,012 more words


Running Tests with Apache Ant

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Today we will see, how we can run our unit tests with Apache Ant.

before that…. Why we need this?

It’s Very bulky to run your test from various Java class within various packages through IDE (Eclipse, Intellij-Idea), specially when it is daily activity. 1,344 more words