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Selenium Tutorial – First Thoughts

The term Selenium is widely used in the software automation world especially in Software Test Automation sector.

The Selenium Automation Tester skill set, as it is widely referred to on the various job websites, is in great demand. 190 more words

Automation Testing

eclipse red robotframework symlink error

if you are getting a eclipse red robotframework ‘Too many levels of symbolic links’ symbolic link error

20180209 13:47:02.625 : INFO : Opening browser 'chrome' to base url 'http://google.com'. 138 more words

robotframework selenium-library can be used to generate documentation too

robotframework selenium-library can be used to generate documentation too

*** Setting ***
Library    SeleniumLibrary

Suite Setup	   Suite Init   
Suite Teardown	   Suite Term 

*** Variable ***
${BROWSER}    firefox

*** Test Cases ***
    go to    http://google.com
    Capture Page Screenshot    goo.png
    go to    http://yahoo.co.uk
    Capture Page Screenshot    yah.png
    go to    http://msn.co.uk
    Capture Page Screenshot    msn.png
*** Keywords ***
Suite Init
    open browser    http://google.com   ${BROWSER}
    set window size    800    600

Suite Term 
    close browser

windows 10 python 3 robotframework 3 webdrivers

windows 10 python 3 robotframework 3 seleniumlibrary webdrivers for web testing

install python

  • install python (see https://goo.gl/y36JcN)
  • pip install robotframework
  • pip install robotframework-seleniumlibrary

install browsers… 69 more words


Testing Web Sites with Ruby and Selenium

I used Selenium about 6 years ago when I was working on my MSc, and was testing mobile web applications for W3C best practice implementation. Recently, I had cause to install Selenium again to do some web application testing at work that I wanted to automate – but this time, instead of using the Java binding, I used Ruby. 215 more words


Chrome WebDriver (Java) Setup: Windows 7

This is a step by step set of instructions (with some sample code) for how to implement chrome testing in a Selenium WebDriver (Java) test case.  244 more words