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Unable to get browser error in selenium ? Or How to get browser in selenium Webdriver ?

Unable to get browser error in selenium ? Or How to get browser in selenium Webdriver ?

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Hope you are doing good in your field. 247 more words

IE8 + Selenium Remote WebDriver + Progressive IE (PIE.htc) == death

There is some weird issue with Internet Explorer WebDriver that I’ve encountered in IE8 (not sure about newer IE versions) – the image with URL “about:blank” causes WebDriver to be stuck forever in “1 item remaining (downloading picture about:blank)”. 69 more words

Need fully rendered WebDriver screenshots? Use Firefox

If you’re using Chrome to run your WebDriver tests and are wondering why the screenshots don’t show the fully rendered page (including below the fold), here’s your… 63 more words

Automated Testing

If You Want To Learn How To Write Selenium Webdriver Automated Checks

.. here’s a list of online courses I took last year in order to learn how to use Selenium Webdriver (an open source tool that automates browsers): 209 more words

Software Tester

Protractor: The Secret Service

This post is not about how to install and use Protractor. I believe setting up Protractor is a lot easy, so heading over to… 942 more words


Selenium WebDriver - Handling Upload Dialogs using AutoIt

Handling an upload dialog while automating test cases using Selenium WebDriver can be a headache. There is a list of problems, to start with the first, WebDriver only works on the current webpage. 761 more words