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Bypassing XSS Auditor: Taking Advantage of Badly Written PHP Code

XSS attacks have become very common nowadays, due to bad-written PHP web applications. In order to provide users with rudimentary protection against XSS attacks most web browser vendors have developed built-in protection mechanisms, called XSS filters. 143 more words


A new (and fully working!) WYSIWYG editor component for iOS

Long long time ago, I wrote a series of articles about mobile hybrid development on the BlackBerry platform. The year later I wrote a component (and an… 145 more words

Not fixing Android bug affects 930 million users

Recently a security issue came up that is affecting about 60% of Android OS users worldwide.

Google has decided not to fix the WebView bug in Android versions before 4.4 because of the “complexity” in doing so. 307 more words


Opera founder unveils feature-rich Vivaldi power browser

Almost two years ago, the Norwegian browser firm Opera ripped out the guts of its product and adopted the more standard WebKit and Chromium technologies, essentially making it more like rivals Chrome and Safari. 648 more words

Dear Internet Explorer Team

Dear People Responsible for Internet Explorer,

You suck. You have no idea how much I have tried to incorporate IE into my daily routine. You have no idea how hard I have worked to convince people that IE is actually a good web browser. 311 more words


An Idea for Aggregation of Student Online Artifacts Using Visual Rendering and Metadata Collection

This afternoon, I participated in an online reunion with my colleagues at Georgia Tech–Nirmal Trivedi, Pete Rorabaugh, Andy Frazee, and Clay Fenlason–about the first-year reading program, Project One. 553 more words


9 Reasons Leopard keeps Power Macs real in 2015

A little less than two years ago we published a story, “Top Ten Reasons We’re (Still) Fine with Leopard on PowerPC.” It’s been a popular article, but 2015 has afforded an opportunity for us to revisit. 660 more words