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Setup a Wordpress site in 10 Minutes using Oracle Container Cloud Service by Leighton Nelson

Oracle Container Cloud Service

Oracle Container Cloud Service lets you easily deploy applications based on docker images. If you don’t have an existing application you can create one on docker. 206 more words


Video: Running WebLogic Applications on Docker using Oracle Container Cloud Service by Bob Rhubart

It is certainly possible to demonstrate how to run a Java WebLogic application within a Docker image, test that application locally using Docker Compose,  then push that image to Docker Hub, and then it run on Oracle Container Cloud Service. 211 more words


Docker, Oracle Images and Cloud by Luc Gorissen Overview

Oracle is embracing Docker – just like many other companies – as the de-facto standard in Container technologies. It has resulted in the certification of various Oracle products for running in Docker containers and even Oracle supported Docker images are available. 263 more words


Docker in the Cloud: Oracle Container Cloud Service by Frank Munz

This article deals with Docker and its usage in the cloud. The first part gives a brief and easy to understand introduction to Docker and motivates its usage as a PaaS service. 314 more words


Weather Microservice Development using NodeJS and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service (ACCS) by Sunil Jacob

Oracle Application Container Cloud service allows for microservices to be hosted using programming languages like Java SE, NodeJS, PHP and Python. Future plans include support for Ruby. 315 more words