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Often a spider makes its own web and in the end destroys it or consumes it.

Similarly the soul make this world which is like an illusion or a web and then one day this illusion ends…as it has finally been destroyed by the creator itself…

Death, Affection, Fear, Anxiety and Separation and Chapter Thirteen

Where to begin…

Let’s start with the bits that aren’t in the title. I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks, the story has progressed far further than expected, I’ve almost burnt out at work, a friend that resurfaced has done so in a way that I would not have expected at all and a friend that I held in very high regard turned out to be more than I thought. 609 more words


Big flocks and a couple of surprises

January has slipped into February and with a cold bite to most days it was a pleasant surprise last week to see the first snowdrops starting to carpet the local woods and providing nourishment for any early emerging insects. 337 more words

Arachnid knight

Your guardian presenceAnd watchful eyes

Keep me safe

From hurt and lies.

Silently still,

Far up above,

In your own world,

But so much love. … 127 more words


It's OKAY!

Okay, so your classroom is all set up and looking absolutely fantastic-ready for your class to come in and start exploring and learning! . . .OR maybe it’s not. 923 more words

Reggio Emilia

Moving the Web Site

After x-amount of years, I am moving my web site from Webs to a new domain. Webs won’t let me upload html files under a free account anymore. 156 more words