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It's messy

It’s messy this web. This spider and its web are not only allowed but enjoyed as part of my deskside decoration.

Spider moved in some time last winter and since then the orchid, on which it spins, has flourished. 444 more words


Oh What a Tangled Web...

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!’

~ Sir Walter Scott ~

Over the course of my life I’ve discovered that I possess a super power. 202 more words


5 webs que te harán más inteligente

¿Quieres aumentar tu inteligencia? Pues, echa un vistazo a estas cinco webs para aprender online que te enseñarán sobre todo tipo de temas.



sunday news #19

I did not post a lot this week because I’ve been knitting, and seaming and sewing, and knitting again, seaming and sewing again. Baby shower is today and I managed to finish everything at the last minute. 888 more words


April A to Z begins in


 on some of these early dark mornings mist shrouds the forest in a thick silver grey blanket of moisture.

Slung between branches and grasses are hundreds of webs, some as small as my hand, others bigger than a dinner plate and some shaped like baskets.Dewdrops hang poised on the gossamer threads and flash rainbows when captured by a sunbeam. 110 more words


Wisps of life
glints of light,
reveal the secrets
hidden from sight…..

Cheryl KP



Her Prey

Fierce beauty mesmerizes

invites you to her fragile web

tempts you with flashes of brilliance

golden light of a halo, in contrast

to the onyx of a regretful soul… 53 more words

Musings In The Sand