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a perfect web

Is there anything more perfect in nature than a spider’s web? It simply amazes me. How can a tiny being create something so perfect ?! Without plans, without blueprints. 125 more words


Nature's Jewelery

Dijon, France
All photographs by delikızınyeri

9 Best Web Design Platforms

Best Web Design Platforms

Instead of going to newspapers, magazines or phone, people will surf websites and acquire more knowledge and information about the business. In today`s time everyone have their own websites. 1,068 more words

Mobile Apps

A Poem From the Heart

A poem from the heart

never felt more alien

when all that the heart yields

are indescribable ideas

colors without names

scenes too magnificent

for words so mundane… 92 more words

Tangled Web

I wonder if the spider (it was a Wolf Spider) that I found in my basement came from this tangled web.  Everything, except for this hole in the container, was covered. 33 more words


a web with a view

Not every spider appreciated a web with a view as much as Penny did, but that didn’t matter to Penny. She hummed a happy tune as she spun her web, stopping now and then to have her spidery breath stolen away by the sight of the flower that sheltered her from rain.

Weird Wasps and Warped Webs

Feature Image Credit:  Wikimedia Commons by James K. Lindsay, “a Polysphincta parasitoid wasp”.

Parasitoid wasps are a special type of parasite which leave a host to nurture their eggs and larvae.  460 more words