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How to redirect URL according to client's device and language preference

What is Page Redirection?

You might have encountered a situation where you clicked a URL to reach a website X but internally were directed to another website Y. 357 more words


Install LAMP on Debian


This tutorial just a copy/paste on wiki.debian.org (Only for archive)


Before starting the installation, make sure your distribution is up to date (the ‘#’ indicates that you should do this as root): 757 more words


Apache2 PHP script not executed


Yesterday when I tried to continue my project, I realized that all my PHP scripts were not recognized by the web server anymore (or not executed). 199 more words


Aggregating geodata using geohashes

What we want to do

The situation is the following. We have a set of points with gps coordinates. We want to visualize them in the browser, but with large datasets (e.g. 491 more words


Arduino Wifi Shield Upgrade

Arduino Wifi Shield

When you first bought an arduino wifi shield you might face some problems in making wifi webserver. This is due to the firmware on the wifi shield not supporting the webserver. 290 more words


Creating and running a simple Node.js server

Building a server in JavaScript?

If you’re using lots of JavaScript for the client-side of your app, it may make sense for you to also use JavaScript for the server. 228 more words


How to add multi user to your apache2 ubuntu server on Cloud

Scenario: A team develop a website together. To deploy and update faster, everyone will need to upload files and to modify existing files.

For illustrate purpose, we still use AWS as our cloud platform. 656 more words