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raspberry pi 3 with node.js

First day with the Raspberry Pi 3 and I’m already having way too much fun with this! Today, I decided to see how fast I could get a Node.js—based webserver running on it and was not disappointed. 678 more words

Open Source

DDoS - what's that?

I’m sure that if you’ve been watching the news recently, you’ll have heard the phrase DDoS, which stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It sounds fancy and complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. 545 more words

Security 101

Keep Fingers Out of your Pi

In my previous article , I explain how to setup the Raspberry Pi to be a web server.   I also demonstrate searching log files for “footprints” from the IP requests that have been made to your web server.   779 more words


Serving Your Pi to the World

You have several devices connected to your WiFi router, so how can you tell the outside where you are serving-up Raspberry Pi?

Getting Online

The following article assumes you have an updated and upgraded Raspberry Pi 3 or equivalent, and installed L.A.M.P. 908 more words


Web Server


Pengertian Web Server

Server web atau yang dalam bahasa inggris disebut web server adalah merupakan perangkat lunak (software) dalam server yang berfungsi untuk menerima permintaan (request) berupa halaman web melalui protokol HTTP dan atau HTTPS dari client yang lebih dikenal dengan nama browser, kemudian mengirimkan kembali (respon) hasil permintaan tersebut ke dalam bentuk halaman-halaman web yang pada umumnya berbentuk dokumen HTML.  590 more words


SMS app Challenge

Today me and my friends presented by a challenge to create a app that uses a web service to send SMS

And the deadline is to provide the app in the same day. 55 more words

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