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How to Installing Apache webserver on UBUNTU/Linux/Server

1. Install Apache

To install Apache you must install the Metapackage apache2. This can be done by searching for and installing in the Software Centre, or by running the following command. 137 more words


Installing Nginx on UBUNTU/Linux/Server


Nginx is a free or open-source, high-performance HTTP server. its known for its stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption. For these reasons, it is a alternative to the most used Apache webserver. 128 more words


How to Install and Configure Nginx Webserver in Ubuntu

Nginx or so-called engine x is one of the open source HTTP servers that is free to use for all the new and professional.

Tutorial Memindahkan Direktori LAMPP ke Data D Di Linux Ubuntu

Langkah pertama yang harus dilakukan untuk memindahkan direktori LAMPP ke
data D yaitu dengan cara auto mount partisi ntfs. Apa itu Mount ? Mount adalah… 330 more words


How to fix Error on Birt org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file

on line 666 remark requestHeaders.push(‘Content-type’,’application/x-www-form-urlencoded’);

setRequestHeaders: function() {
var requestHeaders =
[‘X-Requested-With’, ‘XMLHttpRequest’,
‘X-Prototype-Version’, Prototype.Version];
if (this.options.method == ‘post’) {
/* biang kerok you must remark this… 27 more words


MEAN but not PHP

So as you get along with working and your brain still sleeps while your body
is quite awake , you come up with something what’s called “ 262 more words