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Application Token - Vấn đề về xác thực người dùng trong ứng dụng mobile

Xin chào mọi người, sau đây tôi xin giới thiệu về vấn đề về application token – vấn đề xác thực người dùng.

Trước hết tôi xin trình bày vấn đề vẫn hiện hữu hàng ngày : “Đăng nhập – bảo mật” 935 more words


XML based API automation tool


XTRA (Xml based Testing for Restful Apis) :This tool began as an exploration to help non technical testers to be able to create,maintain and execute test cases for a json based web service catalogue. 4,832 more words


From Forms Legacy systems to SOA Suite 12c and MAF


In modern application development it is propagated to use webservices and even use certain tools like the Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Service Bus to manage and orchestrate webservices in a central environment or to enable service abstraction. 1,126 more words


Creating WebServcie (.asmx) that can be called from Angular JS and apply Angular JS Filter on the same

Step1. Create a web application and new Web service File(.asmx) I have Given the name Employee you can give any name to it.

Step2. Change the Following code in you web service file (.cs), So that we can call this Service from Script. 74 more words


Using javax.ws.rs.core.Response and javax.ws.rs.core.Response.ResponseBuilder

Let’s define two RESTful web services interfaces that use the Response and ResponseBuilder:


public Response urlNameMethod(@PathParam(“urlparam”) String urlparam);

In normal RESTful which produces normal string JSON response, you can use the javax.ws.rs.core.Response to create the Response.

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Soap is really simple protocol specification, used for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web service.

It is depend on XML(Extensible Markup Language) for its message format. 209 more words


RestFul Web Services with @BeanParam

public @interface BeanParam

The annotation that may be used to inject custom JAX-RS “parameter aggregator” value object into a resource class field, property or resource method parameter. 193 more words