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Owncloud-web service under your control

ownCloud is open source file sync and share software for everyone from individuals operating the free ownCloud Server edition, to large enterprises and service providers operating the ownCloud Enterprise Subscription. 79 more words

SOAP with Java: JAX-WS - Tutorial

SOAP is the predominant WebService protocol in the enterprise world. ReST style web services are gaining ground pretty fast but there’s a whole lot of enterprise applications still out there with SOAP as the web service layer.  963 more words


HTTP Status Code confusions..

Recently, we were working with Microsoft BOT connector and a few other libraries on Microsoft Stack.

We were continuously getting 403 Forbidden returned from server. 428 more words


An Introduction to RESTful Web Services


REST stands for Representational State Transfer

Like in any other product’s successful development, an architectural design plays an important role and it is mostly for describing the features of how that product will be built. 512 more words


Salesforce anonymous web service

To make a web service in Salesforce so that it could be accessed without providing user credentials you need to follow steps below :

Create a apex class… 135 more words


RESTful Web Service with Java

I am considering that you are familiar with Java and NetBeans IDE and also you have Apache-TomCat up and running. Hit localhost:8080 and check if your TomCat is running? 143 more words



  • The RESTful Web services are completely stateless. This can be tested by restarting.
  • Restful services provide a good caching infrastructure over HTTP GET method (for most servers).
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