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IIS Authentication failed on locally hosted website with custom/alternate FQDN

So, the company I work for use nintex workflow to extend Sharepoint workflow capabilities. This includes nintex consuming webservice hosted on sharepoint’s IIS. The problem starts when one of the webservices are hosted on the sharepoint server’s IIS, but uses alternate Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) 399 more words


Using Jetty as HTTP server underneath javax.ws webservices

I spend some time changing my program to use Jetty for my javax.ws HTTP provider instead of the Sun version baked into the JDK. The reason for this was I needed to specify a larger TCP server backlog. 117 more words


Hexagonal architecture


“Allow an application to equally be driven by users, programs, automated test or batch scripts, and to be developed and tested in isolation from its eventual run-time devices and databases.” (Alistair Cockburn) 52 more words


K2BlackPearl SQL Rows of Data to Slots of Work

I’ve previously¬†been banging my head against a wall trying to understand the way BlackPearl ‘does work’ when dealing with rows of data from a source like SQL. 485 more words


RESTful Java Web Applications with Spring Boot + CQRS Pattern

I am sharing a sample project to demonstrate some cool features of the Spring Boot with Spring framework 4.0, the project is part of the workshop series at¬†the embeddedlab.org #2015… 122 more words


Do you really understand @WebService ?

SOAP web services are not cutting edge technology by any means – although it still has it’s place, REST based web services are offering tough competition. 785 more words


Getting started with REST in SharePoint 2013 - Part VIII

Welcome to the last post in this series about REST in SharePoint 2013. In this post it’s time to take a look into Knockout, a JS library that let’s you associate DOM elements with ‘model data’, instead of pushing or appending data by JS you can separate markup from the JS. 751 more words