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New version of json4sapnw comes with a JSON REST Client for SAP ABAP

More than two years ago the last version of the json4sapnw library was published. Json4sapnw is a Addon for ABAP based SAP NetWeaver systems and it is free for the SAP community. 174 more words


dynamic read on JSON response in c#

If you want to work with a JSON-formatted response, there are many ways to handle this. In the following I could figure out a dynamic read that will give you the opportunity to use the different types. 87 more words


JSON response via NAV

#This article will work with NAV 2016!

To get a JSON Response via NAV we can create a webservice-codeunit and publish it. Following this we probably use SOAP to publish the functions and will get a XML-response. 219 more words


Setting up SAP Server and publishing functions via Webservice

I have already discussed how to build your own SOAP Webservice (Dotnet based) and use the ECMA2 to consume the data or write back. Now let’s take a look at the SAP Webservice. 1,642 more words


JMS based JAXWS-Webservices using pure JEE stack on JBoss EAP 7 - Tutorial Part III - Java Project Setup

In this chapter we will have a close look at the Java project setup und the implementation of our example webservice: 51 more words


JMS based JAXWS-Webservices using pure JEE stack on JBoss EAP 7 - Tutorial Part I

Imho it seems to be the fact, that there’s a lack on real world examples while combining standard technologies and products in the Java EE ecosystem which have been evolved and proven over many years. 704 more words


Welcome to My SAP world

My interest in SAP started with a desire to integrate MIM with SAP. Something I have heard discussed but there is little information out there on how to integrate DotNet with SAP. 39 more words