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How to make to a website more accessible

I recently got asked in an interview for a new job,

‘What makes a website inclusive?’

The (rehearsed!) answer I gave was,

‘By making sure all your content is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities.

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4 Tests: Mobile Friendly Websites

Last April, internet marketing strategists freaked out when Google announced a new search algorithm that would reward mobile friendly websites with higher search rankings. Since search from smartphones and tablets is on the rise, it makes sense that Google would reward sites that embrace mobile users, right? 396 more words

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Beyond Google: Clever Ways to Get Organic Leads to Your Site

So, I’ve written several times about how to do at least decent SEO (search engine optimization) on your website, and although my main focus has been on how to appease the search engine deities (you know…Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) there are definitely other ways to “skin the cat.” (Off topic, but I’m enjoying the overuse of clichés today. 64 more words


Are You Creeped Out By Remarketing?

By Chad D. Lerch | Owner, Digi Marketing Pros

So I’m at lunch with two friends, both of whom are exceptionally bright and accomplished print marketers, when the topic of internet remarketing comes up. 247 more words

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Nicolas Cage, Best Buy, and Monster Headaches

By Chad D. Lerch | Owner, Digi Marketing Pros

First impressions are so important – especially for business websites.

I chuckle when I think about a scene in the 1995 flick Leaving Las Vegas — you know, where Nicolas Cage’s character, an over-the-top alcoholic, blissfully fills his shopping cart at a liquor store. 353 more words

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7 Key Steps to Writing a Successful Blog

Writing a good quality blog/article isn’t as simple as picking up a pen or creating a Word document with fingers poised over the keyboard. You need to consider a style and tone that is easy to read, informative engaging, and SEO friendly. 421 more words

How to Write an Article that Engages Customers

The debate on the ideal length of articles or blogs is not new. Some believe that a 500 word article is superior to 1000 word article, but it’s not just about length – it’s about the quality of information. 246 more words