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"Real Estate Writer"

sung to the tune of,  “Paperback Writer” by The Beatles

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Just For Fun

Real Estate Writer, Real Estate Writer.

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Real Estate

Bite The Hand

Flash Faction Story-Blog, Today: Property Liability, Responsibilities, Guard Animals

The sales graph blazed onto the large wall-mounted monitor from the ‘computer blue’ desktop screen that had been staring at them since the meeting started. 

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Real Estate

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Life

A Dozen Clever Ideas To Turn Your Vacant Land Into An Exciting Lifestyle

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Life

      The world is a dynamic place filled with the ceaseless machinery of life and endless hum of progress.  1,389 more words

Real Estate

Blind Trust

Flash Faction Story-Blog, Today: New Owners Demand, Fair Housing Act

“You’re not very aggressive today, Isaac.”  Russ stated the opposite of the obvious, but the trick failed.  

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Real Estate


WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS). Currently WordPress is the most popular blogging system, which is being used on more than 60 million websites, including 19% of the current top 10 million websites. 1,019 more words


Can I Get That In Writing?

“Never trust an atom; they make up everything. “

Flash Faction Story-Blog, Today: Internet Security Online, Building Trust

Russ was standing by the Family Room bookshelf when two things happened exactly at the same instant: the door bell and the house phone spoke up. 

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Real Estate

Moving Expenses

Real Estate Writer’s Daily Story-Blog, Today; Emotional Costs of Selling, AFD

                           Suddenly injected into the quiet murmurs of the gathered neighbors, the crashing glass; flying prisms of splinters embedded into Phil’s leg, Geri’s screechy scream, Theresa sucking air in, Russ gasping out.

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Real Estate