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Shranks: The Card Game - Ad Campaign

The website for Shranks: The Card Game which I made on wordpress:

A video I shot and edited explaining the card game:


Why Your Affiliate Marketing Site is Failing

You worked hard creating the content for your affiliate marketing site, linking all of the products to whatever external website you’re semi-secretly supporting, researching and executing incredible SEO best practices but you haven’t sold a damn thing. 1,215 more words

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Ghostwriting and website copy for Zeeto

Want to understand your customers? Zeeto has a zany idea — ask them. Zeeto is a data discovery platform that harnesses the power of questions to bring customer understanding to a whole new level. 47 more words

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Design your Website Like an Engaging Museum

I was strolling through a museum last weekend when suddenly I felt like I was walking through a physical, brick-and-mortar manifestation of a website.

As I walked through the museum, I read the titles, I glanced at the pictures and videos, I skimmed through the descriptions and then I moved onto the next display. 568 more words

Can You Be an Honest Affiliate Marketer?

Honesty and marketing are like oil and water right?  Wrong.  You can run an honest affiliate marketing website that your readers will appreciate, respect, and click through using these simple steps. 840 more words

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Space To Let: Move From The Street To The Web

If you have not considered renting a new space for your business, it could be either of two things;

1. Business has been good so far and you hope that goodwill will continue to shine in your favor, OR 464 more words


The Importance of Good Website Copy

In an increasingly digital age the first thing many of your potential clients and customers see if your website.  It is important to grab their attention with your web content by clearly explaining who you are, what you do and by setting yourself apart from your competition. 681 more words

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