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Writer's Perspectives on Jack and Jill

Warning: this post may occasionally be irreverent and somewhat exaggerated. Please note that all events are based on the actions of fictitious characters in a fictitious environment, and that scenarios are postulated with tongue firmly in cheek. 925 more words


APICMS: Website Content


Home Page

Simply Content

The long definition of APICMS is Application Programme Interface Content Management System. A better definition would be simply content. APICMS… 623 more words

Megabus: X Music Festival

X Music Festival – Cardiff – 3-4th June

The biggest dance music festival in Wales is back with an insane line-up of big names and indie DJs. 313 more words

Megabus: Parklife

Parklife – Manchester – 11-12th June

Parklife is quickly becoming one of the unmissable dance events of the year. The second weekend of June will see Heaton Park in Manchester transformed into a venue that offers such a wide array of genres that it’s almost too hard to list. 290 more words

Theatre Marketing: The Copy Writing Equation

I have conducted with great diligence, sincerity and scientific reason extensive research into a series of formulae for correct theatre marketing copy. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I publish it today.  570 more words


Having fun with other people's blogs

Everybody’s got one. Some love it. Some hate it, but there’s always a need for more of it. Yes, I’m talking about blogs. Fresh content really does improve your… 778 more words


Will my writing make your blog post go viral?

In a word, “No”. But I’m a good writer. I can be engaging, entertaining, informative, or professional, and I believe in producing strong content, so why shouldn’t my posts go viral? 419 more words