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Random Anatomy Lesson

Is your website encouraging customers to land? Or just do a “touch and go”?

Website Magazine created a clear how-to delineating the anatomy of a landing page… 26 more words


Tire Maintenance 101. Or Not.

1900. Michelin develops the “Michelin Guide” offering drivers info on auto maintenance, dining, and other travel tips.

What do travel tips have to do with Michelin’s actual product – tires? 118 more words


The 3 Magazines To Which I Subscribe

I subscribe to three magazines – three print magazines that come to the mailbox at the end of my driveway.

They are:
–¬†The Sun Magazine… 689 more words


Yet Another Checklist? Sure, Why Not.

In the wake of the dawn of a New Year, “time management”, “weight loss”, and “new business” opportunities abound.

Even if you avoid these buzz-word pits, small businesses can run into a plethora of checklists that promise to “increase sales”, “reduce expenses”, and generally “make your customers empty their wallet upon entering your store”. 80 more words


The Joneses Ain't All That

Much of the advertising hype this time of year focuses on what everyone else has that you should want. Ick.

Unfortunately, this epidemic reaches beyond holiday shopping and insinuates itself into our own business practices. 89 more words