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15 great tools for entrepreneurs and startups

by Esteban Soto (@esoe03)



Is an open source e-commerce site and it has one of the most powerful and flexible features in the market. 966 more words

Web Presence Optimization for Newbies

Social media networks are more than just a fad—they are here to stay. Facebook has already been around for a decade, and other social networking channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and the hipsterific Instagram are still going strong. 441 more words

Website Optimization

Benefits Of Website Optimization - Why Emphasize On SEO

If you are just starting out in the world of online marketing, emphasizing on the benefits of website optimization could be helpful to you in limitless ways. 155 more words


2/24 Coding

Pretty much anything in our day-to-day lives that displays information to us, is built upon countless lines of code. Whether we are shooting off an email to the boss, or checking the latest celebrity tweets when we should have been working, code is the backbone of our modern, technological world. 611 more words


It's Smart for Companies to be Selective about Social Media

Whether you’re a company or a consumer, it’s hard to ignore the trend of businesses’ whole-heartedly embracing the emergence and presence of social media. Commercials aired on television by businesses encourage customers to “Like” and follow them on Facebook and Twitter, to check them out on Instagram, and follow their Pinterest accounts. 633 more words

Website Optimization

Thursday 2/19: Paid Search: a.k.a. PPC or Search Engine Marketing

Sponsored ads, you’ve seen them before, usually lingering to the side of a webpage or sometimes disguising themselves as the top hit for whatever you just searched for. 389 more words


Tuesday 2/17 Search Engine Optimization

Now at this point in the digital marketing journey, your website should be performing quite nicely. Your social media efforts are attracting new customers and your landing pages are converting them into leads, while your ongoing email marketing allows you to foster long lasting relationships, and convert those customers into repeat customers. 264 more words