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Do you want more 1000% more traffic to your website for just £10?

SEO to drive 1000% more traffic for just £10!

Hi. I would like to introduce you to SEO King. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization… 985 more words

Search Engine Optimisation

Lead Generation through website optimization

Can you imagine any business progress without any lead falling in its kitty? The answer is a sure shot “No”. Herein website plays a lead role to ensure that the leads keep pouring in constantly. 206 more words

Learn how to optimize your website and get your free Inbound Marketing certification

Do you have the Inbound Marketing certification?

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If not, all you need is to click here and watch 11 video classes for free (really cool material) and then take an online test after that. 31 more words

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Google Makes Mobile-Friendliness a Crucial Ranking Factor

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Google is making a major algorithm change to its mobile search in the coming weeks, giving mobile-friendly websites a preference in search rankings. 128 more words


Observepoint Review | Fix My Reports (Web Analytics)

“What’s wrong with my reports” is a question asked by everyone in the tech world. Let’s make two distinctions about this question before we continue. 746 more words

Website Optimization

Marketing in a Digital Era (For Beginners)

Digital Marketing

Where did SEO come from?

Many of us were taught throughout business school the importance of the 4 P’s (Product, Price, Promotion & Place), and the 4 C’s (Consumer, Cost, Convenience & Communication). 513 more words


Stay A Leg Up On Your Competition With These SEO Tips

Search engines don’t necessarily make it easy to achieve high ranking through user keyword searches, but it is worth the effort. When writing articles, if you thoughtfully (overdoing it will backfire) shift some of your focus to SEO (search engine optimization), you can raise your site’s traffic, as well as your rank for certain keyword searches. 1,011 more words

Search Engine Optimization