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Book of the Week: Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization

This week I read Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization, because I wanted more reference material for the Problem of the Month: Multi-Arm Bandit post. This book is a starting point if you find things on the internet too mathematical. 15 more words


How to Boost Your Organic Click Through Rates

Getting onto the first page of Google is a tough job. There are thousands, if not millions of pages competing for those first few positions. Once you’re there, you need to make sure your link is the one people click on. 75 more words


SEO tips - website optimization

Creating a website with search engine optimization is a major thing for the success of the site apart from online marketing.

There are certain rules you can follow to optimize your web site so that it can be better identified by search engines. 2,028 more words

Website Optimization

Services For Website Design Mumbai

Australia is the place to find kangaroos, wallabies, the Ayers Rock/Uluru, among other spectacular megaliths Web SEO of nature. What does responsive web site design means? 400 more words

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Take the Guesswork out of Driving Traffic to your Website

Whether your setting up a new website or redesigning a current one, there are many choices you have to make that can have a major impact on the amount of traffic that is driven to your website and how each user behaves once they get there. 1,300 more words

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Website Brainstorming

Effective Website Designby: Julie Martin.


Web designing is definitely an inventive and artistic technique of representing your identity, organization or any other group through the website. 301 more words