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Learner-Based Assessment

This week’s readings highlight an important facet of assessment today: assessment is a “learner-based,” rater than “system-based” process, in line with current ideas about education and spaces of learning – like libraries! 587 more words

Target Audience

Another thing that is important to look at before we start re-designing the mimarch website is to figure out what the target audience for the website will be once it is complete, as we will need to target the design so it best suits the people that are going to be using the website. 141 more words

User Centered Design

Colour Scheme

For the colour scheme, we have both discussed what would be best, rather than keeping the current colours, and from our discussion, we have decided that we are going to change the current colour scheme to use only shades of blue, the reason for this is that most of the things that red symbolises are not relevant to the business, for example; anger, danger & stress, whereas the colour blue symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom and many more that would be relevant to the services that the business offers.

User Centered Design

My First Usability Test

When I came to the College of Education, I was hired as a student worker. I know, you’re thinking, “Man, she’s been there forever!” Nope, I am one of those folks who never finished college back in the day and decided later was as good a time as any to get a degree. 403 more words


How Crucial is Responsive Design for Websites?

Internet is flooded with websites that are unique and category specific. Internet users are following the trend of accessing websites through different devices other than a desktop or laptop. 439 more words

Website Design

Embrace the mess. Content strategy is dirty.

Last year, I attended ConFab Central, a content strategy conference that took place in Minneapolis, MN. It was a great place to learn new things, and find my people. 705 more words

Confab Central