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Update As Of 12/7/2017

Hello everyone. It’s been awhile since I did a website update due to being busy with school and exams but now hopefully I can resume regular website updates. 147 more words


Some Things I Can Tell You...

… others must remain unspoken.

What are your talking about, you lunatic? (Don’t you just love it when I read your mind and ask the question you were thinking? 675 more words


Website update part 3

Dear reader I just finished putting in the info with domain name hosting company to point the servers over to the wordpress hosted site (Here) from my self-hosted site (hopefully it works). 81 more words


Blog update 

Updated to add: I found a WordPress.com plan for $48 a year to keep my domain name(with WordPress hosting) it also gives me email support help to make sure that they switch over my 544 followers back here, which honestly was worth the cost to keep you all with me). 144 more words


Please excuse the dust(moving update)

Dear reader because of some personal issues that are going on with my dad (I can’t really explain more because it’s not my story to tell it’s his) I had to move my blog back to wordpress.com(I also like that I won’t have to worry about bandwidth issues) because of this I have to go back to the wordpress domain name and I won’t be able to post pictures of book covers with my reviews because of image space issues and because of DMCA issues. 35 more words

My Life

Important Website update please read 2017

Dear reader I am in the process of moving my website back to free WordPress hosting because of some personal issues that my dad is going through. 202 more words