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Website Update: 16/08/2017

Hi everyone,
In the time between today (16th August 2017) and 28th September 2016 I have added certain features and content to Our Great Ancestors. Below is a list of things that I have implemented. 221 more words

Website Update

I'm Back!

Hello, everyone!

I am so sorry for not posting anything for a while. My break from genealogy and OurGreatAncestors took a little longer than I expected, due to being so busy at University! 80 more words

Website Update

On "Belial Heaps My Spur'd Pyre High" [Stanza 1]

Not to toot my own horn, but the hymn I have most recently penned, Belial Heaps My Spur’d Pyre High, is riddled in interweaving symbolism — as rich hymnody ought to be — and so much so that I believe, for full understanding of the text to be attained, I should write an explanation for the text, dissecting it verse by verse. 2,044 more words

Law And Gospel

The new and improved Dev site

The Ace Kingdom’s developer site, developers.ace.gov.rudolfschool.com got another update, or completion configuration to it’s site.

The site has received minor updates as well as major ones such as the home page being updated with new content than rather just a search form. 291 more words


Ace Kingdom's June-July Site Updates

Here were the updates that occurred on ace.gov.rudolfschool.com.

Ace Kingdom’s site is currently understood as to be developed in it’s standard and no longer receives major updates regularly as it did before.

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Some Map Links Fixed

Just letting everyone know I re-updated the Google Earth KML/KMZ files and GTW Map 100MB PDF links. They should all be available now to download once again from Dropbox.