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Web Presence

These days, to legitimize a business, it must have a website. Gone is the time when pulling out the yellow pages or calling “information” got you the contact information for the business or service you wanted. 454 more words


Today marks 8th anniversary of my blog.

Happy 8th Anniversary to the blog!

( Image above from http://www.kingsofmambo.com )

My blog here has just recently reached some great milestones; gained over 3 million views, attracted over 220 followers and produced over 1800 posts. 389 more words

Explosive News And Results


ChemGameTutor is a simple game covering not-so-simple concepts. An easy way to practice chemistry skills, the game covers topics such as:


what is E-Paper? How it works?

E-Paper or Electronic Paper Display is pretty much similar to an ordinary paper. Then why E-Paper??

There are a lot of advantages with E-Paper, when we compare with ordinary paper ink, it can be electrically refreshed and written upon millions of times. 502 more words


Make money from your website with Google AdSense

We talked about Google many times on our blog. And there is much more to talk about.

Google AdWords  gives you not only the possibility to put your ads on the Google search engine and spend money. 484 more words


While the vital importance of the Tech industry is increasingly understood by traditional business, too often the people who work in Tech… aren’t.

I work with Tech industry clients as well as more traditional established businesses and sometimes I see Startup language used as a shibboleth to identify if you’re in with the ‘cool kids’. 766 more words