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I Hate Having Writer's Block

So basically I am writing this post because I have writer’s block and I don’t know what to write about! 😂

So most of you bloggers will have a couple of times what is called writer’s block, it is when you can’t think of anything to write about for a day, up to a week. 148 more words

Gowns of the Internet

Victor Faretina, also known as Neko-Vi, has created this incredible set of high fashion gowns all inspired by various websites. He calls the series “Web in Vogue” and includes designs inspired by Facebook, Ebay, Deviant Art, and Vine just to name a few. 18 more words


Your LinkedIn Profile and THE Internet of Things (IoT)

Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Digital Internet of Things (IoT)

The definition. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects, devices, vehicles, buildings and other items which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and networks, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. 990 more words

Linked Profiles

Best Fails of the Week 1 February 2016 || “A Bad Week For Girls” by Failarmy

Really strong week of fails. Shout out to all the girls failing out there and the people who film it. Also, WTF is going on with that plow? 101 more words


All the things you shouldn't post on Facebook

So, these are the kinds of things that you apparently can’t post on Facebook:

  • About how you’re having fun or things are going great, because that’s just fake and bragging.
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