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The Entomophobic and The Obnoxious Arthropods

Black little things they were. Sitting silently on the wall. You start taking steps towards them and ‘BAM!’ they fly. They land on your face. You take a step back, throw your hands up in the air and shout as loud as you can. 295 more words



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अब में आपका ज्यादा वक्त बा लेते हुए आज 851 more words

Amazing Websites

web firms record keystrokes of users

According to the study from Princeton University, more than 480 websites use technique of session replay to gain an understanding of how customers use websites.  355 more words

My Fave Foodie Websites!

I love finding inspiration from others in terms of what to cook! I love collecting cook books but when you have the World Wide Web now at our finger tips there are more recipes circulating around! 388 more words


The Upcoming Dark Age of the Internet: They're Trying to Kill Net Neutrality

I know it’s been all over the internet lately, but I want to make sure every single last person knows about what’s going on.

The internet is currently a free, open space – no one website is given preferential treatment over another in terms of speed, bandwidth, etc. 347 more words