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Quote of the Week

The three wonderfully distinctive personalities I encountered and will mention in this series were all outspoken, eccentric to be sure, but full of passion for the unusual things in life. 440 more words

Timothy Carey

Google Scholar Case Law Evolves

I came across an interesting feature in the case law portion of Google Scholar.  A non-law student asked me for help in locating three cases that she couldn’t find through LexisNexis Academic.   580 more words


Web Stuff + 1 New Project

So, last week, I attended a course on basic introduction to J2EE. All in all, it was a very interesting course and inspired me to continue on from some of the stuff which was introduced in the course. 350 more words


Internet access

I am hooked on the Internet. I admit it.

I disconnected our router in Gilroy a week ago Monday and took it back to the cable company office that day, as I knew with the movers arriving on Tuesday it would be plenty chaotic. 105 more words


Black Mirror: A cautionary tale for the new world

The Brits do TV very differently than we do here. For one thing, their seasons (or series) can be exceptionally short, three episodes may be all you get. 664 more words


The Multi-armed Bandit: New and much improved A/B testing tools

The A/B test tool on ActBlue, which allows you to test out Contribution Form titles and pitches, among other variables, has gotten a significant upgrade, just in time for campaign season. 395 more words


when our technology fails us

I’m always highly dependent on my email, especially so of late, as Terry and I sell one house and buy another. I was therefore annoyed last week when I started getting intermittent error messages for my primary email account. 243 more words