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What computer language do you speak?

Via the excellent Cliff Pickover, we found this table compiled by Katie Bouwkamp listing “the 9 most in-demand computer programming languages of 2016.” We’re not sure if this table lists the total number of computer programming jobs in the aggregate or just the number of such jobs created in 2016, but it is worth a look: 9 more words


getting on with things

A couple of weeks ago I delivered a rant about my Windows 10 problems. Last week I wrote that the problem again recurred, but that after returning from a shower and lunch it spontaneously resolved itself. 318 more words


Improving Online Access: On the Importance of the Smartphone

For almost all of us, the “online” experience has shifted. The days of dial-up and even high-speed modems have clearly passed, and now Google has come to our fingertips.  853 more words


scratching my head

Last week I needed the catharsis of posting a rant here about my struggle with one of the better known defects in Windows 10. The Start menu and Notifications were inaccessible. 226 more words


a rant

This is a rant. About Microsoft.

If you are not in a mood to read a rant (and I don’t blame you) please skip today’s blog. 434 more words