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on not taking Google for granted

Google certainly has become an integral part of today’s culture. All three of my go-to online dictionaries (American Heritage, Oxford Dictionaries Online, and Merriam-Webster) have an entry for “google” as a verb. 155 more words


"Windows 1.0"

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the launching of Windows 1.0, Tom Warren–a self-described “resident Microsoft expert”–has compiled a complete “visual history” of Microsoft’s popular operating system for personal computers.  97 more words


The Wayback Machine Is Getting It's Own Search Engine

Gizmodo reports that the Wayback Machine, the part of the Internet Archive that preserves web sites, is getting its own search engine.  That’s good news in that the only way one can use the archive now is by typing in a URL.  41 more words


Google Maps

I’m pretty annoyed with Google Maps as a navigation aid. It makes things much more difficult than need be.

When Terry first went down to see her sister in El Cajon Google maps took her through the back roads, even though it can be gotten to via freeway pretty much all the way. 105 more words


Librarian of Congress Announces Current DMCA Exemptions

The DMCA Exemptions for 2015 were announced by David S. Mao, the Acting Librarian of Congress, and effective as of October 28.  This is a series of exemptions allowed every three years upon review.  182 more words


a practical use for the smart phone (and appreciating Rocca’s Market)

The public radio program Science Friday recently interviewed Sherry Turkle, the author of the book Reclaiming Conversation. The book discusses what we all know: that smart phones and social media are keeping us from talking to each other. 285 more words


Unix Information

Hi Folks,

we have added some diagrams to our Unix page to give beginners an easier understanding to how the Kernel, Shell and Programs are all connected. -VT