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Black Fashion

In the most recent issue of Nka entitled “Black fashion: Art. Pleasure. Politics.,” special issue editor Noliwe Rooks argues that black fashion is a key, though underexplored, facet of black history, culture, and identity in the African diaspora. 795 more words

In The News

domestic trivia

Some random domestic trivia:

  • I am a huge fan of full-spectrum, or daylight, light bulbs. This time of year they do a great job of staving off whatever mild symptoms similar to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), or winter blues, that I have experienced in the past.
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I'm back in the game

I’ve been on a fairly prolonged hiatus – six months to be accurate – with no posts and no updates about what I’ve been up to. 494 more words


It's Pearl Harbor Day - New Text And Audio Collections at the FDR Presidential Library

Here’s a bit of news that archivists and historians may find useful on this anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the entry of the United States into World War II.  271 more words


on not taking Google for granted

Google certainly has become an integral part of today’s culture. All three of my go-to online dictionaries (American Heritage, Oxford Dictionaries Online, and Merriam-Webster) have an entry for “google” as a verb. 155 more words


"Windows 1.0"

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the launching of Windows 1.0, Tom Warren–a self-described “resident Microsoft expert”–has compiled a complete “visual history” of Microsoft’s popular operating system for personal computers.  97 more words