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The Advertising Empire Strikes Back

If one hates ads on the web, one would tend to use an ad blocker.  I don’t mind ads on sites.  I know I’m being tracked by Google and whoever.  413 more words


Friday Fun: The Regular Show

I love cartoons pretty much.  One of my favorites is Regular Show on Cartoon Network.  There is one episode called Go Viral which concerns characters Mordecai and Rigby’s attempt to create a viral video as part of a bet with two other characters, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost.   90 more words


pawan kalyan

best human beaying in tha world

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sachin is very good player

moving from Internet Explorer to Firefox

When I upgraded to Windows 10 I was introduced to Microsoft’s new Web browser, Edge. I didn’t like it at all. Don’t ask me precisely why. 175 more words


Video of the Week: "Dead Weight"

UPDATE 09.17.15: And it’s gone! I guess we should be thankful…

OK folks. This week’s video is a prime example of how not to present a video online. 166 more words

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