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scratching my head

Last week I needed the catharsis of posting a rant here about my struggle with one of the better known defects in Windows 10. The Start menu and Notifications were inaccessible. 226 more words


a rant

This is a rant. About Microsoft.

If you are not in a mood to read a rant (and I don’t blame you) please skip today’s blog. 434 more words


How to customize fonts in posts on WordPress Free

If you have a free blog on WordPress and you are very keen to make your blog attractive based on the looks, you might stumble upon a need to customize the fonts on your post, depending on the type of post you have. 220 more words


On the Edge of Technology

I finally have full control over what to use for a big project. I tend to lean towards the cutting edge and setting up causes bleeding. 236 more words

Reality Bites

We want one of these!

Check out this short video featuring an assortment of volocopters or lightweight personal helicopters designed and manufactured by the German firm e-volo. Forget drones; we’d rather have our own personal “VC 200” to travel around our home state (Florida). 11 more words