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'SNL' Alum Colin Quinn Offers Update After Suffering Heart Attack On Valentine's Day

Leave it to a sketch comedy star to suffer a serious, yet comedically tragic health scare.

Colin Quinn, 58, had a heart attack on Valentine’s Day 2018, breaking the news on Twitter with a light-hearted tweets. 274 more words


If it can go wrong, it will. Facebook, privacy and Murphy's Law.

Human experience is that technology is born filled with promise and usually quickly subverted to less than honorable ends. Wired reports on the way big tech, specifically Facebook, recognized what it had done, and what it thinks it can do to respond: 209 more words



Gina Neff是華盛頓大學的社會學家與資深資料科學家,Dawn Nafus是劍橋大學畢業的人類學博士,在Intel Lab擔任研究員,兩位資深的研究員聯手在MIT的核心知識系列中擔綱書寫了Self-Tracking這本書


他們對於心理學與行為主義的分析架構保持了警戒的距離,也直接間接地與這些後設架構主導下的self-tracking研發實作做了溫和卻也不含糊的批評,並且提供了社會學/人類學的替代觀點與論辯。閱讀這本書,對我這個在設計學院教書又對self-tracking(不只是透過wearable device做紀錄還包括其他)情有獨鍾的社會學家而言,有許多遇著知音的驚喜、也有很多質疑對話的衝動,總之是個很好的思考起點。如果有空再來寫寫書評分享。




Composer Class Manager

Yesterday I made a rant about the Composer system for managing PHP dependencies.

I went a bit overboard, I understand that. Composer does make a lot of things easier for developers of reusable PHP classes, and also makes it easier for users to install them on operating systems that do not have good quality package management. 1,009 more words


Why I do not like Composer

I really really like PHP.

For several years now, more and more PHP applications are moving to composer for installation and it really bothers me. It is fucking dangerous, and I would like to explain why. 834 more words


Minifying Webfont CSS

This morning I wrote a small script to both unify and minify CSS files that define web fonts.

Don’t mind the picture, it is an artist rendition of what we think the common ancestor of all current members of the canine family looked like, and it is here so that twitter does not just post a blank image when I share this page there. 1,217 more words


Look Who's Talking Now, Former White Aide Omarosa

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Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman is talking about her time with Trump on the premiere of ‘Celebrity Big Brother last night. 99 more words