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Jimmy's Going Places by James H Duncan

The basement office is where Jimmy spent the last hour of his day, not because he was busy filling out all his work orders or safety checklists, but because he knew his boss almost always left after lunch and didn’t come back till morning. 626 more words


Poem: Running on by Sally Barrett

Running on

Running water indoors / don’t take me for granted
Sitting in a shower cubicle 220 more words


Shared Bodily Warmth by Thomas Tyrrell

Few things are bleaker than Dartmoor when the winter nights draw in like wolves around a campfire. 992 more words


Two poems by Rona Fitzgerald


No bluebells on Ben Ledi to ring grainy gorse.
Hard paths, weary stones, winter not ready 206 more words


Two poems by Sheila Jacob

Why I’m not a G.I.’s daughter

She didn’t mention his name or where
they met, if he wooed her with candy,
nylons, Saturday nights at the movies. 369 more words


Annalisa! by Scáth Beorh

Tessie ran and ran and ran in big, wide circles. Her flaxen hair blew like laughing wheat, her Brandeis-blue dress covered with snowy polka dots that shifted this way and that in the crisp Atlantic breeze of the early year. 1,153 more words


Lipstick Stains with Djed Press

Sometimes you forget to read the submission guidelines properly. That will almost always result in that poem you so lovingly crafted being immediately deleted because editors simply don’t have that kind of time. 76 more words