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Happiness by Steve Cutts

When someone has a burn-out there is a very high chance that his/her symptoms are the same as the one from someone else. Nevertheless causes, origins of burn-out can be very different. 89 more words


Samhain Flash Fiction

This is a bit of a belated post, but I wanted to write this in order to commemorate my first published short story.

Leading up to Halloween this year there was a call for submissions for Three Drops from a Cauldron, a webzine by Three Drops Press. 348 more words


Top METAL Album of 2017 

A new year is coming and it’s finishing this one, RokkersPress finally decided to put the 9 Best Metal album of 2017.

01) ACCEPT “THE RISE OF CHAOS” _ 87/100… 30 more words


Grave Digger "HEALED BY METAL" (review)

A compact disc, thirty-five minutes smooth and enriched plutonium riff yarns that explodes in the interventions of the Chris Boltendahl stainless to the microphone. The titletrack, from which a video was made a lot of tamarro and pacchiano, immediately puts things straight: the Grave Digger are back and do not want to compromise. 284 more words


Accept "THE RISE OF CHAOS" (review)

The opera is based mainly on fast episodes, not as in the album ‘Restless And Wild’ but still endowed with a good shot, like the emphatic ‘Die By The Sword’, the beaten ‘The Rise Of Chaos’, which for a few seconds, it defeats Thrash, the martial ‘No Regrets’ with its melodies and gearshifts, ‘What’s Done Is Done’ in which a long braided solo emerges, the anthemica ‘Carry The Weight’ and the incisive ‘Race To Extinction’. 225 more words


Iced Earth "INCORRUPTIBLE" (review)

The proposed music is always the same, a granitic and very straight U.S. power metal with square rhythms and a muscularity more properly thrash (although in this album the lion’s share is the mid-tempo of heavy school) on which are grafted powerful melodies and a Trve attitude that fans really like. 328 more words


Dragonforce "REACHING INTO INFINITY" (review)

With “Reaching into Infinity” the Dragonforce seem to have achieved something. That race apparently without a precise direction has found its meaning. It will not be the philosopher’s stone that will allow the English to reach and found a new (sub) musical genre, something that for some has been done long ago with all the ingenuity of the case, but undoubtedly we are facing a mature work, well structured, well produced by the inexhaustible Jens Bogren and inviting us to observe this band under sometimes foreseeable and sometimes unprecedented perspectives. 271 more words