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SlappyGrind, Reborn and ready to take over the world part 2

So after a quick retirement, people have been begging me to bring the webzine back…… only stronger and more vivid than before. We have sat back and thought about it, long and hard. 87 more words


Life Update || Little Gladys

Heyaaa everyone!

I updated the blog not long ago, giving you a piece of music I liked, and I said I’d give you a little bit more of informations about where I have been and what happened and what’s going to happen now. 80 more words

Aye It's My Life

Shamrock #7 – Shadows

Shamrock #7 – Shadows is now live at issue 12 of Fantasy Scroll Mag.

This installment features some high-stakes action and adventure! I hope you enjoy! 97 more words

Review: The Serpent Seal @GreekRebels (GR)

Οι Lord Impaler από την Καστοριά αποτελούν μια από τις παλιότερες black metal μπάντες στη χώρα μας μιας και ιδρύθηκαν το 1998. Με ιδιαίτερη αγάπη στον παραδοσιακό  σκανδιναβικό black metal ήχο και αρκετά διαφορετικοί ηχητικά σε σχέση με πολλές άλλες μπάντες της χώρα μας έχουν μέχρι σήμερα στο ενεργητικό τους 4 demos τα:  The Lord Impaler (1999), Twilight Wander (2001), Promo (2005) και Demo 2009, 2 split τα: The Ascending Novelty (2007) μαζί με τους Crossover, The Eternal Darkness, Nethescerial και …Were There Before They Born (2013) μαζί με τους Athos, ένα full length album με τίτλο Admire the Cosmos Black και δυο ep’s τα: Babylon Whore (2013) και το το The Serpent Seal για το οποίο θα κάνουμε λόγο εδώ. 106 more words


Digital Kills Printed(?)

Well, kata siapa digital membunuh yang cetak?

Hukum alam secara umum memang selalu memenangkan yg kuat. Tapi lebih dari itu, alam selalu memenangkan yg mampu beradaptasi. 407 more words


Featured Poet in CITN 136 - October 2014

In October 2014, 10 of my poems have been published in Caught In The Net 136. If you missed it here is the Issue:



Character Interview: Grae-Don

CELEBRATING 4 YEARS OF SCHLOCK WEBZINE! This edition includes a subtly unnerving story of gardening and ageing from Ian Fletcher, a story of communists and zombies from Joseph Rubas, of scientists and capitalists from Steve Laker, while Humanity’s search for its heart’s desire takes us to Mars in Mark Slade’s story. 1,100 more words