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Podcast #10: Dani Barge - Arts York Webzine

Dani Barge (@Dani_Barge) is a professional writer, occasional artist, and hobbyist bass guitarist. She is the founder and editor of Arts York ( 70 more words


Labyrinth "RETURN TO LIVE" (review)

A shiver goes in the listener to the first notes of “Moonlight”, as well as in songs now become legend such as “Lady Lost in Time”, “Heaven Denied”, “Thunder” or “Die for Freedom”. 229 more words


You Can't Read this !!! Until You Disconnect from Internet

A new magazine featuring short stories, articles, and poetry, is online-only. But you can’t actually read it while you’re online. The magazine hides behind a warning notice until you disconnect your phone or computer from the internet. 126 more words

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Loudness "RISE TO GLORY" (review)

Just an intro – there are 2 bass turns and 4 different guitar harmonies – and then the rocket start of the Souls On Fire opener to drop your jaw to pieces! 420 more words


Saxon "THUNDERBOLT" (review)

‘Olympus Rising’ introduces the work in an epic and powerful way, making the beginning of the confrontation felt.
The Title Track, ‘Thunderbolt’, is 100% Heavy Metal: power, acceleration, slowdown and refrain with chorus, an excellent exchange of solos and a Twin Guitar ending that has the only defect to last too little. 281 more words


Pink Cream 69 "HEADSTRONG" (review)

“We Bow To None”, a song that is quick and tiring but catchy overall, especially in the refrain and the strong ‘wurstel & sauerkraut’ aftertaste thanks to a double pounding case set on classic mid-ninety power metal schemes. 198 more words


Appice "SINISTER" (review)

The “Killing Floor” zeppeliana with Chas West on the microphone is just … zeppelian! Riff to Jimi Page served by Craig Goldy, the same West emulon of Plant between a call to “Kashmir” and the Apps that perhaps give the Bonham’s cannon shots. 267 more words