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[Webzine 1] Taste of Jeju

During the winter, Moseulpo in southern Jeju becomes crowded.
It’s because the yellowtail fish is in season.
A fish with lots of fat, the yellowtail has been used not only as food but also… 1,047 more words


[Webzine 1] Shopping Mania

The exceptional qualities of Jeju and the sellers’ unique personality come together in one place. There aren’t ornate neon signs, and the shops aren’t big in size, but the moment you enter, you will… 1,267 more words


[Webzine 1] Healing in Nature

The ravishing
Holy ground of Camellia flowers

Even during the wintertime, the sea is as blue as ever. The trees bearing lush green remain unchanged. Where else besides Jeju, would you encounter such a warm scenery during the winter? 2,188 more words


[Webzine 1] Starlight Flowing Through Jeju’s Night

Enriches the east, west, south and north with dreams and romance!

Winter in Jeju is the best season to gaze at the stars. The low humidity and the presence of wind blows fine dust and pollution away and reveals a vivid and clear night sky. 1,197 more words


[Webzine 1] Late winter sea fishing

Jeju’s winter sea, which forms a triangle!

In comparison to other regions, the warm wind arrives early to Jeju’s late-winter sea which attracts numerous Kang Tae Kongs. 1,203 more words


[Webzine 1] Culture and Experience

Enjoyable like putting a puzzle together
Culture & Experience

Jeju’s exotic scenery captivates the heart of adults and its enjoyable spectacles entertain the children. Everyone gets excited and enjoys the Jeju trip, adults in a mature way and children in a childlike way. 1,557 more words


[Webzine 1] Halla-san Snowflake Trekking and Driving

The last chance to see the snow of Halla-san!

The February snow falling upon Halla-san always brings the gift of nostalgia. Through the
long snowflake tunnel is a snow-covered prairie, that merges with the sky! 1,237 more words