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Cuba, revisited

WE FLEW TO Havana in April of 2012 for our 10th anniversary. On returning, I wrote two long posts here about our experiences on the dismal communist island. 74 more words


A Pair of Dull Scissors (a ramble on hairdressers, song lyrics, milk bottles, and wedding anniversaries)

My old hairdresser died recently. I only knew her from the occasions she cut my hair, but still I’m sad. She keeps popping into my mind, so loud and lively and chatty, as all wonderful hairdressers tend to be. 1,086 more words

pearl & shiny wedding anniversary

Time’s passing by so fast.

People have just got married last year, now they will celebrate their first anniversary.

For following challenges:

1. “Anniversary” challenge at Card Mania… 11 more words

21cm X 10,5cm

My 7th Anniversary - The All-Food Edition

Seven years of marriage, another seven or so of dating. A 14-year span of time gone by inexplicably and unacceptably fast. Instead of dwelling on the shock of it all, I have been thinking recently of the time before the wedding. 698 more words


Almost 50 Years Ago, We Landed on the Moon

It’s July, roughly around the halfway mark for the calendar year. I tried poking about on the Internet, but there’s nothing cute-sy anyone says about July. 270 more words