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First 5 Wedding Anniversaries | Gift Guide

After all the effort, momentum and  the countdown is over and the knot has been tied, the time together is measured in wedding anniversaries. Giving gifts to celebrate a wedding anniversary is a… 752 more words


Take Us Home 

There’s a lyric that goes, “Worked out that I’ve probably made a mistake for everything I’ve done right.”  That would be me, though honestly? probably the scales lean even more toward the mistake side than the side of right. 476 more words

Muscular Dystrophy

Which Anniversary to Celebrate?

Sixteen years ago today I stepped onto an airplane with Pretty to begin a spontaneous first trip to Cancun, Mexico. I had no way of knowing the day would be the beginning of the most important adventure of my life because at that moment I was more nervous than I possibly had ever been in my previous fifty-four years. 481 more words


Your Grief Will Be Awkward For Others

How you grieve will sometimes make others uncomfortable.  From the day of your loss and for many years later, people will be watching how you remember the one you lost.  466 more words

Wedding Anniversaries

No matter how many years you have been married, a cake is a great way to celebrate this special occasion! 18 more words

Wedding Anniversaries

The Anniversary Gift

Two men in paper hats clink mugs together before downing their milkshakes.

“Today was some day, huh?”

“You got that right.”

“Still like working here, Nick?” 704 more words