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The Cake Zone: The Michelangelo of Cakes

​Let’s play pretend…. Lets pretend Michelangelo was just about to unveil his marvelous artistry on the Sistene Chapel. Being 2016, you know a fabulous and opulent party would be held for the grand unveiling. 626 more words


How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Cake

Brides nowadays … yes, I meant bride alone because usually the groom just agree with anything their soon to be wife wants *big grin* … wanted to have unique weddings and everything to be personalized as much as possible. 591 more words

Pinay Blogger

America's Dairyland/Moonland

We all know the moon is made of cheese, one of the basic food groups for Wisconsinites.

Apparently, more couples chose to say ‘cheese’ for their wedding cakes.   18 more words

Daily Prompts

Weslie's Wedding Cake --Ruffles and Pearls

Good Monday Morning!! This weekend was my niece’s wedding. Yea! I was happy to make her cake:).

The top tier was a coconut cake with a coconut cream filling. 342 more words

8 Wedding Cake Trends You Have Hear

Wedding cakes are pretty much the sweetest part of a wedding. Couples all over the country are reimagining the concept of a wedding cake, taking it from simple dessert to a main focal point of their reception.  813 more words

Let Them Eat Cake

State Pride

Rough iced buttercream marries nicely with wooden state shaped cake toppers. This couple was creative by branding some wood together at their ceremony, making these toppers extra special to their theme.

Round Wedding Cake