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Do me a (wedding) favour.

Wedding favours.

Are they still a thing? Are they really necessary or are they just a waste of money?

I love everyone coming to the Harrison-Davies nuptials, but is a handful of confetti, three course meal, shed load of booze and a proper wicked disco not enough? 466 more words

The Harrison-Davies Wedding

Wedding Favour Ideas for the Modern Cultured Bride

Here in Somerset, South West England we are revered for our clotted cream fudge. Its creamy crumbly texture is outstanding, so it would be fitting to have these favours at your wedding in gorgeously sleepy Somerset. 351 more words

Wedding Planning

Gin & Tonic Jelly

Some many months ago the Older Male Sibling got his self engaged to a lovely lady and two years of planning and scribbling and testing and head scratching began for many people. 1,379 more words


6 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

You want your wedding to be a reflection of you and your fiancé, but how do you do that? How do you personalize your wedding? Well, here’s 6 tips to help! 495 more words


Delicious Wedding Desserts that aren't Traditional Sweets

Planning for your big day but at a loss for ideas about how to make it absolutely unique?

Moon of Taj offers an assortment of sweets that will add a dash of exclusivity to your wedding.  604 more words

Moon Of Taj Sweets

Ditch the Sweets - 5 Alternatives to Wedding Return Gifts

Traditional Indian sweets have been used as wedding return gifts for ages. It is a tried and tested ritual but with so many other brilliant options available now, traditional sweets just feel very thoughtless. 588 more words

Moon Of Taj Sweets

Shortbread Secrets

Shortbread is a delicious thing. Have you ever eaten it? It’s quintessentially Scottish, although the ingredients are widely available elsewhere. It’s also kind of magical, because it only has… 260 more words