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5 ways to go green in 2017

If you think about it, getting married is all about sustainability. You’re making plans for a long term future that provides the best possible world for you and any potential little yous that might come along. 207 more words


DIY or GSI? To make, or not to make, that is the question

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for you to unleash your inner Blue Peter and save some cash to boot. However many brides overestimate their crafting abilities, taking on far too much but then buy in a replacement items, wasting time and money. 391 more words

Wedding Planning

Tissue paper as souvenir ? There is a problem!

Last night my aunty called me and asked what I would like  her to do for our wedding  souvenirs (wedding favours) I paused  for a while, my mind quickly scanned back to all the recent weddings I have seen  on Instagram where the souvenirs were Louis Vuitton shoes, Gucci handbags, irons, pounded yam machine and juice making machine. 386 more words

Laser cutting decorations

Last summer I learned how to create and edit vector based graphics to produce laser cut decorations.

In Blackburn, Lancashire, where I live the council have set up a ‘Making Rooms’ fab lab. 123 more words

Succulents in a pot as DIY wedding favours

Another year is behind me. Apparently, I have this habit of writing once a year – I found a link to one old post via my Pinterest account and then I saw that my last post was in Jan-2016. 841 more words


Wedding Mulia Bali Price

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Lоve with the aіr once we tаlk аbout wеddіngs. By the wаy, whеre dо you propose to sрend yоur wedding? 810 more words

Bali Wedding & Prewedding

Bali Wedding Tips

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Wеdding расkаgeѕ mаke рlanning уour big event eаѕiеr you ѕhould do. Eаch venue mаy оffer tabs on deal, but whаt iѕ included is going to diffеr 1 location to а new. 748 more words

Bali Wedding & Prewedding