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Glam runway-Inspired Wedding Looks

Okey, okey,okey haloshoeries, don’t break your feet!: here is A wedding guide on how to break in heels with a stunning outfit. I’am so exited to introduce you my Bestie , sissy, ride or die ( annoying) friend Marta :P . 239 more words


We did it ... We got married! 

I know what you’re thinking … I’ve been a bit quiet recently. There’s a very good reason for my silence – I got married!

On Saturday 1st October my then fiancé and I tied the knot at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth and we had the most perfect day. 457 more words


Skip the False Eyelashes!

This is my very own piece for Wedding Guide–about everything I wish I’d known about weddings before I tied the knot. An excerpt: “…knowing that you look your best means that you won’t be spending your reception haunted by the nagging suspicion that you should have skipped the false eyelashes. 25 more words

Wedding Guide

Why Hire A Wedding Planner? Part 2

A professional рlаnnеr is thе bеst person tо hеlр уоu рlаn уоur wеddіng budgеt аnd hеlр уоu аllосаtе уоur budgеt tо thе оrdеr оf рrеfеrеnсе іn tеrms оf sеrvісеs thаt mаttеr tо уоu. 384 more words


Wedding Cost Saving Tips Part 1

We know that planning a wedding can be stressful. For every bride-to-be, the stress can come not only from finding the perfect dress or venue or even a wonderful décor for this special day, but it can also come from finding great prices without giving up on quality or breaking the budget. 368 more words


Registry Reconnaissance

The traditional registry, once a staple used by most brides, may have gone by the wayside in favor of honeymoon registries and other alternatives for modern couples who may already have the basics and aren’t in need of home goods. 336 more words