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A Blast From the Past: The Year of Anime Music [Part 1]

Whether you’re a huge anime fan or not,  1995 was one of the best years for anime songs (or anison, as they are referred in the anime community). 677 more words


Wedding Peach from the Super Famicom Game based on the manga.

Wedding Peach from the Super Famicom Game based on the manga.

All of my sprite creations are for sale. Send me an email for information! mtogg@live.com… 32 more words

Day 11 [or more like day 12]: 33%

33% is such a cool number. It’s filled with 3’s.

You divide 1 by 3 and you get a whole bunch of nothing but 3’s (0.33333… which is sort of like 33% but strictly speaking a little more than that) instead of getting 0.5 by dividing 1 by 2 or getting 0.25 by dividing 1 by 4. 547 more words

100 Day Writing Challenge

My Latest Manga Purchases:

I finally made another mass manga purchase (about time). These are the newest additions to my collection, which arrived today:

In addition to 4 volumes of manga, I also picked up the first book in the… 252 more words


Recently Acquired These Manga Volumes:

So my order from Amazon UK came in today and I finally got my hands on these four lovely volumes:

I’m especially excited to finally have the 3-in-1 edition of… 195 more words


Wedding Peach

Today Everything is Evangelion puts on its best wedding dress and thinks up the perfect speech to throw at Wedding Peach.

If you haven’t seen it yet Wedding Peach was a 51 episode magical girl series about the power of love, dresses and the annoyingly screechy voice of its main protagonist. 809 more words

Everything Is Evangelion