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WEDDING PLANNING 101: How to Survive The Big Day!

It’s here, the big day is finally here.

You’ve done all your planning, you’ve collected everything you needed the day before, your dress and accessories are all laid out ready and you and your girls have had a glorious nights sleep (hopefully) and now you are ready to go, your special day has finally arrived. 522 more words

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You’ve planned the big day down to the hour and you know exactly when your due to have a glass of fizz in hand and when you’re due to be heading to the dance floor to shake your grove thing…All your suppliers know exactly where they need to be when but have you put as much thought into the day before? 788 more words

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So yesterday, you organised like your life depended on it, you've scheduled the day and everyone knows what they need to do and where they need to be. One thing that many people don't consider is the decorating, and how much time it takes to get it all together and actually put it all out and with my background as a wedding planner for many years, these sort of timings don't come naturally to me, now ask me how long it takes to serve 60 people a 3 course meal and I can tell you almost to the minute; Penny over at The Little Lending Co. however, is going to be your go to girl for styling up and sorting the decor at your venue...

WEDDING PLANNING 101: The day before the day before

So you’re getting married in exactly 2 days time, tomorrow is going to be one of the most hectic and stressful days you will have encountered so today is the day to get your s**t together and organise yourself. 655 more words

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WEDDING PLANNING 101: Finalise the Venue Decor

So you’ve met up with your planner and the venue, everyone’s dinner has been ordered and the suits are almost ready to be collected, it’s now time to make sure your venue decor is all ready, whether you’re doing it yourself or having a pro do all the hard work for you. 197 more words

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WEDDING PLANNING 101: What to expect at the Ceremony Rehearsal

Now for starters Ceremony Rehearsals tend to just be for those of you having a Religious ceremony, going to the local register office or having a celebrant come to your venue, you’ll generally just get a quick run through in the 10 minute meeting moments before you say ‘I do.’ 513 more words

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WEDDING PLANNING 101: Final meetings!

Now this may be the final meeting with your wedding planner and or venue, you will still need to have all the information ready.

Chances are its less than a month till the big day, probably 2 weeks, maybe even a week away, but this meeting is your final opportunity to make sure everything is as it should be, your menus, timings, guest count etc… 250 more words

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WEDDING PLANNING 101: Getting The Must Have Photos

There are of course, many, many wedding moments that you won’t want to miss; and clearly the best way to ensure your photographer captures the right moments is to provide a suggested list. 532 more words

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