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WEDDING PLANNING 101: {12 Months} 10 tips to Setting the Date

Everyone always says to me, they can’t believe how many things there are to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. It’s not always as simple as picking a venue, dress and of course a date. 909 more words

Wedding Planning

So what type of Wedding Planner do you need?

So you made the decision that you want a wedding planner and just when you thought you’d got over that hurdle, you discover you need to work out what type of planner you need. 711 more words

Wedding Planning

WEDDING PLANNING 101: {12 Months} Hiring a Wedding Planner

Unfortunately for me, hiring a wedding planner still seems to be a rather taboo subject. Some still see a wedding planner as a huge extravagance and some see a planner as someone who will come and take over your wedding plans, leaving you with a wedding that isn’t what you wanted. 557 more words

Wedding Planning

Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

Everyone knows that I’m a worrier, neat freak, and OCD about keeping organized. I use real agendas, and Plan Ahead Calendars versus putting everything on my iPhone or iPad. 145 more words


WEDDING PLANNING 101: {12 Months} Crunching the numbers...

One of the biggest and most important place to start with your wedding, well it is the biggest and most important place to start, not just one of them; your entire wedding dream becoming a reality depends on how well you plan your budget (obviously) and sticking to the budget can mean the difference between starting married life as a happy husband and wife or a couple stuck in debt and potentially resenting each other. 745 more words


WEDDING PLANNING 101: Congratulations! Now where do we start?!

Once the shock of the proposal has worn off and you’ve stopped staring into space at the gorgeous bit of sparkle now living on your left hand, there are several big decisions you need to make before you can really get into the swing of your wedding planning and really start to have fun. 1,198 more words

Wedding Planning


Last weekend, we celebrated a lovely¬†wedding in the family. The Husband’s brother (aka The BIL) and his then fiancee’ now wife got married in Tagaytay – that cold, romantic city in the south of the metro. 2,203 more words