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Mrs. Snyder

Happy Mrs. Monday! Each week you will get to meet a new bride who planned her own wedding and lived to tell about it. No matter where you are at in your planning, take time to sit down with someone who has been in your spot and relax. 1,171 more words

For Brides: The Month Before Your Wedding

You are planning for this day for so long. Maybe 6 months, a year, or maybe even two. For me, it’s been 13 months, with one to go to complete the 14 month countdown. 739 more words


Wedding Reception Schedule Made Easy

You may have figured out by now, I am German and I like schedules, as long as they make sense. I want to show you an easy way to put your reception schedule together. 228 more words

Local Events Can Affect Your Wedding

It’s easy to think of when you want to have your wedding: when then the weather is favorable, when you have more flexibility with work, when others have more flexibility with school schedules, but it’s also important to think about events in your area that can negatively impact your wedding date. 245 more words

Wedding Planning Help

Importance of a Professional DJ

If you are going to cut corners on your wedding don’t be chintzy with the DJ.

You spent countless hours choosing the perfect dress, color scheme, and venue.   239 more words


Things to Consider Before Hiring Wedding Vendors

Before you begin the process of seeking out wedding vendors there are some important things you need to consider:

What is the most important factor in your decision for the person performing the service you need?   718 more words


Austin Area Wedding Venues

Austin is one of the top wedding destinations in the U.S. and as a result there is a plethora of wedding venues! To help you out we have compiled a very large list of wedding venues in Austin and the surrounding areas. 684 more words