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Ten ways to have an awesome wedding

I remember when I was getting married looking for ways to make my wedding day a little bit different. I wanted a day that had my husband-to-be and I written all over it. 801 more words

8 Wedding Rules and Traditions That Could Be Optional

Bouquet And Garter Toss

My cousin was married a few months ago and she was talking about the dreaded (well it is to me) garter toss. 934 more words


On Your Wedding Day, Some Things Can't Be Bothered With

I’ve been someone’s wife for three whole days now.

Here is what I recommend you should and shouldn’t do or prepare for on your big day. 1,003 more words

Daily Life


1.  YOU MUST TOSS THE BOUQUET. You actually don’t have to do this. Many couples choose to just toss the bouquet or to simply hand it off to the couple in the room who has been married the longest. 282 more words


2 avoidable wedding rules

Below I have covered 2 avoidable wedding rules.

Not seeing your bride/groom prior to you walk down the aisle

If you’re a traditional person, then you typically aren’t going to view your sweetie prior to the ceremony. 208 more words

Wedding Rules

Questionable trends: The over-the-top bachelorette weekend

Trends that should maybe stop being trends, or at least need to be more thought-out than many realize – Part one in a (possible) series: 587 more words


9 Rules for Wedding Guests

From the moment she/he says I Do the inner “-zilla” turns on. No matter how many times the bride or groom says I am super laid back, do whatever you want;  257 more words