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I spent the entire half of my morning crying for superficial reasons like 1) how I really hate the henna on my hands (also not helping that I am having a throbbing headache and puked water since I haven’t eaten anything because I have zero appetite and all because of the smell of the henna), 2) I don’t like my bridal bouquet and I should have gotten fresh flowers but a lot of factors were stopping me but if I knew it was gonna make me cry like this, I’d have gotten all the fresh flowers I could, 3) I realise I can’t stand my nikah dress because it’s not me, it’s not worth the money, it’s so unflattering, it’s seriously not worth the money lah I have to repeat this twice. 93 more words

Wedding Talks


I’ve been typing and backspacing, typing and backspacing.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when it was 300+ days away to the wedding, to me getting married? And we’re now just five days away? 323 more words

Wedding Talks

-17: last two weekends

  • Nikah outfit

We collected our baju nikah last Saturday and it turned out exactly as how he designed… which is not to my liking ahahaha. It was just two months ago when I wanted this design and when I tried it on, I was like ape ni?? 611 more words

Wedding Talks

-30: sodium x magnesium

Everything is suddenly speeding up.

I haven’t distributed the wedding cards to my friends/colleagues. I haven’t started anything on the room (but I guess that’s because my brother and his wife are still not moving out). 266 more words

Wedding Talks

-46: amah-amah pengantin

I came to work today without my laptop. I only realised when I was already at Raffles Place (I work at Tiong Bahru) and I wanted to cry because how am I supposed to do my work right??? 720 more words

Wedding Talks


“If you’re planning your wedding right now, please just close the magazine. Log out of Pinterest. And look at the person you want to grow old with. 67 more words

Wedding Talks

-59: Dua bulan lagi!

(Photo credit: Sham.sydar A.ni)

Two days ago was our first year anniversary of being engaged! And in exactly two months this time we’ll be done with everything, packing for our honeymoon and can finally put this all aside but right now I can’t so here’s a lengthy update on three main things. 738 more words

Wedding Talks