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RK pipe and drape event

RK Pipe & drape systems eliminate the need for rigging points in your venue and save on space, as cloths can be safely rigged to sit right against walls. 203 more words

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Where to buy professional pipe drape?

Pipe drape Backdrop kits as components of wedding decoration, always create surprising visual effect. Room divider, banquet hall decor, theater, Studio backdrops, party backdrop, holiday events, dressing rooms, fashion show, crowd control, photo shoot backdrops,  296 more words

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RK Rental and sale square wedding tent

RK wedding decoration tents are manufactured for the greatest boundaries of outdoor experience and the whole thing in between. RK pipe and drape wedding tents offer the same stability of livability, durability, soothe, and exact show. 173 more words

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RK Wedding Tent Details Show

Rayk Sells and rentals Wedding Event Products. Our products can include wedding background decorations, wedding tents, table and chairs decorative fabrics, wedding dance floor, lighting, truss, and other items. 88 more words

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Huston client's event solution pipe drapes

Event backdrop arrangement is always not a easy thing. RK provide series of professional service and high quality pipe drape to you.
Last week, A Huston client Anna visited our office, she told me that they own a large event-oriented shop in her local. 293 more words

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RK Portable and Lightweight Pipe and drape system

Pipe and drape systems are extremely popular and can be used for a variety of venues, like wedding, speech, meeting, exhibition, fairs, receptions and more. 364 more words

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pipe and drape booth for trade show exhibition

Pipe and drape systems is widely use in many areas. The reason pipe and drape systems is so common at conventions is due to two main factors. 134 more words