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Planning a Wedding Theme: How To Choose Yours?

With the wedding bells ringing, there comes a load of activities pertaining to setting a perfect date for the D-day, organizing the wedding, choosing that perfect dress, contemplating your vows, etcetera. 448 more words

Tulip wedding bouquets

Wedding bouquets that will make your heart skip a beat. These bold, colourful blooms are the perfect addition to a wedding bouquet for a spring wedding. 51 more words


5 Tips For Choosing the Right Wedding Favors

You may be tempted to skimp on your wedding favors and not put much thought into choosing the right ones. But without choosing carefully, your tiny tokens will end up discarded and forgotten. 382 more words

Wedding Planning

Holiday Weddings

Holiday weddings can be difficult to navigate. People are usually out of town or have plans during the holidays so how are you supposed to plan a good holiday wedding. 576 more words


Christmas is a time to get together and get merry with family & friends, which is why more and more couples are starting to realise, it is also the perfect time for a Wedding.

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8.30 Northeast Kingdom Fairytale

I was very excited about this wedding. Here is the background: I met Jasmina, Nate and Eins (their corgi) the previous winter.  They met over ~Tinder~ (they publicly acknowledge this, and its awesome). 435 more words

7 Steps to Choose Your Wedding Theme

Wedding themes are everywhere, all over Pinterest. Rustic, Vintage, Whimsical, Elegant, Nautical, and tons of other choices. It can really be overwhelming and confusing, which leads to many couples we met becoming perplexed with the variety of choices. 1,150 more words

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