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From the Archives: Selecting Your Wedding Date

When we started making wedding plans, one important question kept coming up. When will it be? It was confusing for us to figure it out and it took some time to select the perfect date. 276 more words

Wedding Theme Spotlight: Time for Brunch

I’ve been having a blast with my wedding-focused Pinterest account! One of my main categories focuses on wedding themes and I’ve found some great ones during my research. 391 more words

Sweet Treat Stations For Your Guest

Sweet treats are becoming incredibly popular to have as stations for your wedding or reception. Not only does it add finishing touches to your day but your guests will also feel satisfied! 54 more words


I'm on Pinterest!

Check out the brand new Girl with a Diamond Ring social media platform; I’m on Pinterest! Boards include wedding tips on photography and wedding favors, wedding style for the whole wedding party, and a large variety of wedding themes. 26 more words

Trending Now - Umbrellas!

Umbrellas are the hottest trend right now, adding the perfect finishing touches to your wedding events! Umbrella-ela-ela aren’t just for blocking out the rain, but great additions for summer weddings. 43 more words


The Second Guessing Bride

One of the most complex things about wedding planning are the amount of decisions that need to be made, both big and small. From the favors to the reception food, there are a ton of decisions that need to be made. 832 more words

How to Select Your Wedding Theme

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how a couple decides upon their wedding theme. Some can range from so generic and right out of a wedding magazine to really eccentric and off-the-wall. 364 more words