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The Artist of June Collaboration 2016

How do you create a masterpiece? How can you piece together something memorable and breathtaking? It’s in the details. Details transform simple into extraordinary. The next two vendors I will introduce have that unique ability to transform! 319 more words


#startuplife: Behind the curtain of Heartful.ly

Hello! Kate here, the proud mama/co-founder of Heartful.ly. Every week, our phenomenal blog manager, Andrea, writes about Heartful.ly’s innovative nonprofit partners and philanthropic wedding vendors and trends, but it’s been awhile since I shared a behind-the-scenes-peak into our own operation. 437 more words

3 Wedding Vendors in Delhi that Offer Charismatic Decors

Decorations are the cream of any wedding venue in Delhi and signify the grandeur of the celebrations. Integrating variety in the decoration ideas and arrangements makes a lasting impression on the guests. 360 more words

Wedding Vendors

Meet the Team!

Hi there, we’re Team Heartful.ly! We’re a rag tag group of do-gooders, mischief makers, and BIG dreamers. Get to know us a little better and don’t forget to say hello! 344 more words

Why do wedding vendors cost so much?

Does the price immediately go up once you tell them it’s for a wedding?

The yes bride

What does it mean to be a yes bride? This happens when a bride becomes overwhelmed with the planning details of her wedding or doesn’t know what she really wants, thus resulting to her agreeing to suggestions and decisions from friends, family and vendors without thinking  it over. 354 more words

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#FollowFriday: Young Designers Collective and the 21-in-1 shoe

Today’s #FollowFriday segment is one of our faves. We caught up with the badass founders of the Young Designers Collective, Harmony Pilobello and Shipa Iyengar, self-proclaimed “ 659 more words