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He stared at me

Like a thief;

I say he is!

He stole my heart

Right then.

10 years later,

My heart is still his.

Susan McMillan


Falling Out of Love

Falling in love is fast.

Before you know it, gravity has ceased to exist, and you’re falling. You live each day, joyfully boastful in your love. 1,074 more words


Till death do us part

When there are no more words left to be said,

When all our vows are past dead,

Tho’ the priest said not ‘forever more’,

Only ‘until death’, 35 more words


Forever ???

At the wedding reception on Saturday, family and friends shared stories about Melissa and Stephan, and their many years of being together, prior to their wedding day. 1,026 more words

Love, getting older, and trust

I’ve spent some time with my grandparents within the past month.  Real time.  Where we sat and chat and had no time restraints.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to take the time to prioritize my family in that way.  1,111 more words


Cutting off my ring to resize

Married at twenty-
one, my life and love have grown.
My vows must keep up.


Can you believe it's been 3 years?

And amidst all that is happening now, this too is happening now.

Three years ago today, my beloved and I stood on a sun-drenched patio overlooking Okanagan Lake. 631 more words