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Writing your own vows

If there is only one thing you as couple DIY make it your wedding vows. Writing your own wedding vows can be the most beautiful way for your guests to have a view into your story and your relationship. 369 more words

Ceremony Suggestions

Those Silly Little Things Called Vows

I debated whether or not to write my own vows or to say the typical;

“I, ___, take you, ___, for my lawful wife/husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part.” 1,112 more words


The Romantic Baros

Baros Maldives is considered by many as one of the most romantic island resorts in the Maldives. This small coral island with its sun drenched white beaches and clear warm waters is at once untouched, opulent and exceedingly romantic. 756 more words

Preparing your Wedding Vows

You thought it would be fun to write your own wedding vows, but now you have writer’s block and you’re afraid you’ll embarrass yourself? Are you failing in transposing your feelings into words? 1,041 more words

Bride To Be

Real Wedding Vows & How to Write Them

Have you ever watched “The Vow” and hoped that your wedding vows would be just as romantic and tender?

Well, go and grab your tissues because we have been inspired by a post on… 643 more words

Wedding Planning

Perfect Wedding Dresses for Your Wedding Party

Wedding is a special moment for couples who fall in love. From first meeting and first to looking intently arouse which deepens impression, including the wedding once for couples to get married.That is why wedding moment has beautiful and impressive for guess particularly for married couples. 673 more words

What happened to 'till death do us part'?

There’s been a paradigm shift in the whole concept of marriage; from the beliefs of our parents, grand and great grandparents to what we present generation have turned it to be. 564 more words