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Ryan & Adam Renewed Vow

Ryan & Adams Renew Wedding Vows
Updated about 5 months ago · Taken at Windham Rio Mar Beach Resort
This beautiful couple renewed their wedding vows in front of the beach, looking at each other and reaffirming how much they love each other. 104 more words

Puerto Rico Wedding

Not Wed to the Idea

When I was discerning my call to the priesthood, you might remember that one of the things that drew me to the possibility of being ordained was the sacrament of reconciliation. 1,409 more words


When you say I do...

With my 12 year Anniversary fast approaching I started wondering how others react when their loved one becomes chronically ill. Do they stay by their side knowing it will not be easy? 982 more words

Chronic Pain

A little Tuesday Throwback.

So I’m currently living with the In-laws at the moment (finally got a moving date – end of April) and it seems that The Boy and I spend alot on time on the internet as have used the monthly data allowance in 10 days. 160 more words

Beach Wedding

We're Not Best Friends

Relationships are weird. We’re fed so many different fairytale scenarios about courting and falling in love from movies and TV shows, that when our respective stars don’t quite align as such, we begin to question everything about our bond with our beloved. 331 more words

Random Thought

Personalising The Wedding Ceremony

For me, my favourite part of any wedding is the ceremony. The ceremony IS the wedding to me, the rest of the modern wedding day is just “fluff”. 1,235 more words


For Better or For Worse, Forever, a Husband & Wife

DAMN, so, we’re BOUND, for life???  How’d THIS happen!!!

For better or for worse, forever, a husband, and wife, that, was the promise we’d, “signed on” for, well, that was before, either one of us realized, that life was going to get in the way of love, that life was going to, RUIN the love we felt for one another… 173 more words