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Vows: Jennifer and James

Last weekend we celebrated the wedding of high school sweethearts whose lives went away from each other and came back 35 years later via Facebook. These are the vows James and Jennifer shared  in their ceremony, before their family and friends. 340 more words

Wedding Vows And Ceremonies

Things Marni Chan Likes

  1. Handmade valentines
  2. Being a good host
  3. Single subject social media accounts
  4. Earnest-as-fuck wedding vows
  5. Military style jackets
  6. How much my dog likes eating salad
  7. Movie plots that don’t make sense anymore now that the internet is a thing…
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I Pam, take you Charlie...

The dream – two doe-eyed wrinkle-free innocents set off on a smile-filled adventure into wedded bliss.

The reality – arguments, burnt meals, speeding tickets, car accidents, infertility, adoption, special needs parenting, deaths of friends, grandparents, parents, Pete (the therapy horse), a sister, and too many dreams to count. 338 more words


The Wedding Vows as a Compact

Hi, My name is Dally Messenger
I ‘ve been a Civil Marriage Celebrant for 40 years.
This is about writing your own vows for your marriage.

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Promise me...

The purpose of wedding vows is to publically signify the couples commitment to one another. I think it’s a beatiful think. We now have to decide whether we write our own or use a few set phrases. 1,069 more words

Wedding Vows

Thoughts on love

Today you may wonder if I’ve lost my marbles. Thoughts on love? Not the usual fare at A Writer of History. So, here’s the story. 591 more words

Writing Process