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Sari Shopping in Singapore

The subject of cultural appropriation is a hot button issue currently.  As a caucasian person living in Asia, it’s something I’m faced with fairly regularly – especially in regards to clothing.   728 more words


Why I Chose to Have a Wedding Coordinator…

Like I said in my last post (it’s been awhile I know!) I’m getting married September 16, 2018. We are getting married on the beach then moving into the hotel restaurant for the reception. 223 more words


I Can’t Even GIVE History Away

I wrote of finding a little bit of history, a piece of ephemera, a 1942, WW-II ticket for a British bus line, in my first ‘Olio’ post… 652 more words


Review Bridal - Ivory Bridal

Gw menjatuhkan pilihan untuk bridal yang dipakai hari H kepada Ivory Bridal, yang belum baca kegalauan gw milih bridal bisa lihat disini Hunting Bridal (Part 1) 912 more words