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Monitoring seabirds for ocean health

Cousin Island Special Reserve is a special place for Seychelles’ biodiversity. Seabirds have a huge role to play in this important Seychelles’ protected area. Seabirds are also a key part of the marine ecosystem as they are considered marine animals in the food chain of the ocean. 608 more words

Blue Economy

Wedge-tailed Shearwater

Named for the shape of its tail, the wedge-tailed shearwaters have a nesting colony on the north side of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, not far from the Kilauea Point Lighthouse.  330 more words


Report from Ranger Rogers: Speaking of Scat.

Wedge-tailed shearwater are back at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. I can tell by the white splotches on the sidewalk leading from the fee booth, alongside the bookstore, and up the slight hill to where the first view of the lighthouse comes into focus. 848 more words


Big Birds

Last week, on the way to the mainland, we stopped on Oahu in order to hike out to Kaena Point on the western edge of the island.   394 more words


Kaena Point State Park

 Target Birds: Laysan Albatross (Oct-July), Wedge-tailed Shearwater (Mar-Sept), White-tailed Tropicbird (uncommon), Erckle’s Francolin, and Northern Mockingbird.

Kaena Point State Park is the western most point of Oahu. 548 more words


Choppy seas – a Panamá Pelagic trip

10 July 2014

By late spring wayward seabirds were showing up far north of their typical distributions, presumably due to el Niño like conditions further south. 1,612 more words


Ashmore 2: The day that keeps getting longer

PM 17/11/2013

On East Island this morning doing vegetation mapping and collecting dead seabirds. The map is now complete except for the island’s high-tide line and the stick-stacks that most of the Red-footed Boobies roost and nest on. 479 more words