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ARCHIVE: Pilgrims, Turkeys and More for Wednesday Whimsy

Veronica: From the 2014 Archives. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, or else a simply beautiful November day.

I’ve been saving some of my Victorian 1880’s trade cards for this week because they have the… 420 more words

Victorian Hats and Caps for Wednesday Whimsy

It’s been rather windy of late where I live, which made me think of hats, so this week I’m sharing some of my Victorian trade (advertising) cards with that theme. 496 more words

Victorian Veggie People for Halloween

I’ve been saving these Victorian trade (advertising) cards all year, since they make me think of Halloween. The Victorians seem to have been fascinated by the idea of people-vegetable hybrids. 335 more words

Strike up the Victorian Ladies Band! Wednesday Whimsy

I lucked into this set of  Victorian trade (advertising) cards awhile ago. I have no idea what they were meant to advertise or who issued them. 329 more words

Beatrix Potter for Wednesday Whimsy No Bunnies!

Everyone knows Beatrix Potter wrote about rabbits, as in Peter and his family. Her mice and her kittens are nearly as famous. Even her hedgehog laundress, Mrs. 235 more words

Outrageous Victorian Hats for Wednesday Whimsy

Picked some of my favorite Victorian trade (advertising) cards for today’s topic of hats. This lovely lady to the left is an advertisement for “Heather’s Popular Dry & Fancy Goods Store” between 5th and 6th Avenues in NYC. 449 more words

Peacocks for Wednesday Whimsy

Peacocks and their feathers were a big theme in Victorian trade (advertising) cards, so I thought I’d share some today! They are beautiful birds, even if they can be annoying to live near – very noisy! 189 more words