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Bits of Egyptiana for Wednesday Whimsy

In honor of my latest romance set in ancient Egypt, Ghost of the Nile, I’m sharing some Victorian trade (advertising) cards and other ephemera I’ve collected. 293 more words

May I Have This Dance for Wednesday Whimsy

I’m in the mood to dance this week, between the “Dancing With the Stars” finale, and the new video mashup of “Just Shut Up and Dance”, plus a… 611 more words

Mothers for Wednesday Whimsy

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, and being a mother and grandmother myself, I figured that was the best topic for today’s Wednesday Whimsy. Oddly enough, I don’t have that many Victorian trade (advertising) cards featuring Mothers. 385 more words

Wednesday Whimsy Victorian Cards of Boys at Play

My brother’s birthday was fairly recently so when I looked through my box of Victorian trade (advertising) cards for this week, I decided to share the ones with boys and their games and toys. 509 more words

Ships and Quotes for Wednesday

Today is the 103rd anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, which isn’t whimsical at ALL, of course, but I decided to take ships as my theme for this Wednesday. 262 more words

Victorian Insect Ladies Wednesday Whimsy

A few weeks ago I did a Wednesday Whimsy on Victorian trade card illustrations of people as flowers, in honor of Spring. Well, the obvious accompaniment to the flowers is the insects of the garden, so I’m sharing a few today. 636 more words

Spring Flower People for Wednesday Whimsy

Since we’re in Spring now, I’ll share some Victorian trade cards with flower people and people dressed as flowers….iris are my favorite flowers (well, along with roses) and I fell in love with these two Iris Knights to the left. 179 more words