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Cats As Victorian Era People for Wednesday Whimsy

Last week I did a post on Victorian trade cards featuring dogs as people so it’s only fair that this week we look at the cats. 220 more words

Dogs As Victorian Era People for Wednesday Whimsy

I thought in honor of the Westminster Dog Show going on this week, I’d make my Wednesday Whimsy about some charming Victorian trade cards I found with dogs portrayed as people. 40 more words

Romance In A Glance Valentine Whimsy

As I collect my Victorian era trade cards, the romance novelist in me is most fascinated by the ones that seem to encapsulate an entire romance in a single glance. 259 more words

Wednesday Whimsy Dogs

In honor of my favorite Super Bowl commercial – the Budweiser puppy tale – I’m devoting this week’s Whimsy to dogs. And me being a cat person no less LOL! 230 more words

Wednesday Whimsy #3

Wednesday Whimsy is a feature created by me so that I can rant about the things that bother me in the world. Do you ever get those days when you just want to rant to someone? 612 more words


Wednesday Whimsy - Snow Days

Sending lots of good thoughts to everyone currently snowed in or otherwise challenged by the snowstorm on the East Coast (including my relatives in Maine!). I grew up in upstate New York, so I remember big storms and being snowed in. 280 more words

Parrots for Wednesday Whimsy

I picked this subject for today’s whimsy for no other reason than I enjoyed the Victorian trade cards I found when I ¬†went searching in my collection for Wednesday inspiration. 316 more words