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Early Bloomer

Early spring, indeed!  This hyacinth has been my bit of bright sky.

First greenery popped its head up out of the soil, and soon blooms of vibrant purple blossomed. 62 more words

Wednesday Whimsy

Winter Warmth

My hubby is the best! He keeps us cozy with his awesome skills. . . how are you staying warm this winter? I wish I could share this with all affected by the snowstorm – stay warm my friends!

Wednesday Whimsy

Victorian Fairy Tales for Wednesday Whimsy

The holiday season all seems magical to me, so I thought I’d share some of my Victorian trade (advertising) cards which feature fairy tales, nursery rhymes or myths! 291 more words

Cup of Tea for Wednesday Whimsy

The chillier weather makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea so that’s my topic for today’s Whimsy post. I’m pretty basic with my tea – just good old Lipton’s, with sugar and a dollop of milk…as long as I have a pretty tea cup! 452 more words

ARCHIVE: Pilgrims, Turkeys and More for Wednesday Whimsy

Veronica: From the 2014 Archives. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving, or else a simply beautiful November day.

I’ve been saving some of my Victorian 1880’s trade cards for this week because they have the… 420 more words

Victorian Hats and Caps for Wednesday Whimsy

It’s been rather windy of late where I live, which made me think of hats, so this week I’m sharing some of my Victorian trade (advertising) cards with that theme. 496 more words

Victorian Veggie People for Halloween

I’ve been saving these Victorian trade (advertising) cards all year, since they make me think of Halloween. The Victorians seem to have been fascinated by the idea of people-vegetable hybrids. 335 more words