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Wednesday Wonder #22

“To overcome a handicap, all that it is necessary to do is to use more determination and grit and will.” – Neville Goddard. 


Wednesday Wonder #21

My oh my. This is actually true. One person would look down on this piece of land and see nothing but dry grass, while the other person will notice the flowers in the midst of it. 33 more words


Wednesday Wonder #20

Don’t allow silly things to steal your joy. Life happens and sometimes we let petty things ruin the rest of the day. When someone ‘steps on your toes’, just ask yourself – will it really matter a year from now? 56 more words


Wednesday Wonder #19

Sometimes, if we’re not careful, we can think ourselves to an early grave and congure up emotions that need not be here… What if I was like this?  20 more words


Wednesday Wonder #18

This post is from my Tumblr (which is now just my portfolio) which I typed up ages and ages ago.

We all have different scars – both physically and mentally. 108 more words


Wednesday Wonder #16

My sister and I absolutely love this quote. Just a few words that mean so much. When it rains look for rainbows. This isn’t talking about when it literally rains (like a typical day in London) but it’s talking about when bad things happen and you can’t control it. 55 more words