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Wednesday Workout: Thanksgiving Workouts & Events To Try/Checkout

Good morning! I have a great Dynamax workout I want to share with you, but since Thanksgiving is just about a week away, today I want to provide you with some workouts and workout events happening in and around the Boston area in case you want to plan ahead and schedule your Tday workout. 551 more words

At-home Workout

Workout Wednesday - Cize

You’ve probably seen me talk about Shaun T’s newest program – CIZE – lately. This is because truly, this program is AMAZING. I was never one for organized dance – I can jam to Phish and the Grateful Dead like nobody’s, but give me choreographed routines and I am a mess. 336 more words


Wednesday Workout: 3 Exercise Circuits

Hi guys! How’s it going? Happy Wednesday :) Between work and my own workout and teaching, Wednesdays are long days, so I’m always happy when I’m leading the cool down in my class because it means it’s all downhill and easy after that! 441 more words


Wednesday Workout: Hotel Gym DB Circuit

Hello! Halfway through the week- woohoo! Last week I shared a quickie bodyweight hotel room workout that I did while I was in Milwaukee. Today, I’m sharing a dumbbell circuit that I completed in the small hotel gym. 640 more words

Wednesday Workout: At Home Dumbbell Workout Circuit

Happy, happy Wednesday, friends! I tend to use Mondays and Wednesdays as my running days, but since I ran a 5K on Sunday, I decided to break out my weights at home and do a dumbbell focused workout instead. 341 more words

At-home Workout

It's a Lifestyle

I’m waiting in the starting pen, the 20 degree wind blowing gently across the stadium as the clock beeps the tell-tale tones of another racer starting. 642 more words


Wednesday Workout: 4 Tips To Make The School Gym Less Intimidating

No one wants to look bad in front of strangers, and no one wants to be that person who makes a fool out of him- or herself at the gym. 553 more words