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Wednesday Workout: How To Stay In Shape When You Head Back to School

If you have not already, many of you will soon pack up your belongings, load up your cars and head off to school; some returning, while others begin a new chapter in their lives. 643 more words


Wednesday Workout: Ramp Lunges & Total Body Circuit Bootcamp

Hi! I hope your Wednesday is off to a fantastic start :) I think you’re really going to like today’s workout… 1. because it’s no equipment necessary so you can do it anywhere and 2. 484 more words


Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Good morning! It’s been a WHILE since I’ve shared a workout with you, huh? Fear not, even though I took 3 days off from workouts… 650 more words


Work Out Wednesday: Just Kicking It!

Working out can (and should!) be fun. In order to achieve this, you need to step outside of the realm of traditional training; seeking out something new, seeking out something exciting, and seeking out something that’s going to give you your kicks…literally. 458 more words


Wednesday Workout: Progression Bootcamp Stations

Hi! Can you believe the weather yesterday? I had to cancel bootcamp because it was so awful in Wakefield and we didn’t want to be caught in another storm. 749 more words


Wednesday Workout: To Tan Or Tone? Why Not Both!

August is almost upon us and with it, the realization that summer is almost over. Do not fear – there is still plenty of time to throw on the swimsuit, grab the sun block (for our… 388 more words


Wednesday Workout: Mickey

This WOD has pistol squats, which I haaaate. But, I figure that if I hate it, I just need to get better at it. So here we go. 13 more words