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Knitting at Bramley

Every W 26.00 – 28.00

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Vintage Ardour

This is perhaps the most beautiful photo you’ve ever seen, isn’t?

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Facial Hair Friday - Adam Von Rothfelder

Happy Facial Hair Friday!

 For Shurrn’s extra special birth-week, we present Adam Von Rothfelder for your viewing pleasure!

(Be warned, the photos get a little more NSFW as you scroll down!) 104 more words

Just For Fun

Wednesday Win Answer: Coxswain and Crew

This week’s Wednesday Win question was, “In the sport of rowing, the coxswain is responsible for steering the boat, motivating the rowers, and helping them with their technique. 36 more words

Wednesday Win!

Crazy Week

My week has been crazy from start to finish and it isn’t over yet. But I have decided to get ahead of myself and just start ranting now. 1,465 more words


Wednesday's Ode #21 - Oops!

My apologies for this late Ode! I have been sick over the last week, and yesterday, I just simply forgot to schedule this post. Ugh. I couldn’t believe it when I finally remembered late last night! 875 more words


Every Wednesday is Popo Day!

One of the perks of being self-employed is that you can shift your schedule around without having to get it approved by anyone…anyone except YOURSELF, that is! 686 more words