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Zoo Atlanta | August 2013 - Super Trip Day #10

As I was organizing my posts from this site, I realized I never finished writing about our Super Trip in 2013. The Super Trip took place almost 6 years ago when the boys were 8 and 10. 455 more words


Cyberbullying's instigator : low empathy

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In general, cyberbullying looks like the negative product of internet and technology. However, the internet was not the instigator, the low empathy is one of the main reasons to create the cyberbullying and related to cyber victimization in the following aspects was found by meta-analysis. 106 more words

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The Relationship Between Play, Language, Storytelling, And Creativity.

Some parents might be curious about the relationship between language abilities, storytelling abilities, and creativity.

According to Holmes et. al (2019), 56 children from preschool are recruited to take 4 different parts of the study. 172 more words

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Can your parenting style influence the likelihood that your child will develop a psychological disorder?

According to a recently published study, which investigated the relationship between parenting style and reportings of mental health disorders in a cross-sectional survey of U.S. adolescents, there may actually be a significant relationship between the two. 183 more words

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Social Development During Early and Middle Adolescents

As children age they adapt and learn skills that allow them to act in socially competent ways. This study examined the relation between social children’s social, communicative, and cognitive skills. 222 more words

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Parenting to Encourage an Empathetic Child

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Are you parenting in a way that encourages empathy? Will your child be able to emphasize correctly with others?

These questions are often key concerns for new parents because of empathy’s critical nature in determining your child’s future relationships and social conditions. 166 more words

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Physical Activity can Improve Motor Function in Children with ADHD

Did you know prescription medicines are not the only way to help children with ADHD improve both physically and mentally?

Parents are happy because there are different ways to improve physical and mental functioning for children with ADHD. 91 more words

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