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Preparing the Kitchen Herb Garden

There is a lovely small garden bed on the south side of our house that I plan to fill with kitchen herbs this summer. They don’t take much space and I love having them right outside the door so I can just pop out and snip some for whatever I’m cooking. 246 more words



Lakeside Lawn Care is excited to announce an exciting giveaway fit for a queen!  In honor of National Lawn Care Month, we’re giving away a… 130 more words

5 Steps to a Beautiful Lawn

At Lakeside Lawn Care, one of the most common questions we get is “How can I have a beautiful lawn?”  Here are 5 steps toward a great start! 117 more words

My Vegetable Garden Walkways

In a previous life my small vegetable garden consisted of  8 inch high raised redwood planting beds.  The walkways between them were covered with wood chips.   363 more words


Under wraps: solarizing an organic garden

I… seldom know what I’m doing in the garden. There. I’ve said it. If I start spouting some (semi-bullshit) information on nature or whatnot, someone in my small inner circle inevitably  retorts with, “Well, what do you know?” and my pitifully honest response is, “Well, not much.” 1,101 more words


Dandelions are Pretty.......but Not in Your Lawn

Dandelions, like most perennials, such as violet and periwinkle, are pretty when they’re growing where you want them to.  When they’re growing in the middle of your lawn, they’re weeds. 163 more words

Lawn Fertilization

Weed Control in Vineyards

By: Rob Crassweller

First Step is Identify

Vineyard weed control can be a troublesome prospect for new and experienced viticulturists. In most of my experience the problems lie in several areas. 1,042 more words