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february 2, 2016

Things are going well. Hardly any weeds, and what weeds do come up get fed to my critters as a treat.

Seed trays are nearly all sprouted, so i decided to start the warm season stuff two weeks early. 63 more words

Cool Season 2015

Slangbos Control Using Goats

Slangbos (snake bush, bankrupt bush) is a small shrub that invades grazing land. In cattle farming operations it can completely invade grass land and push out the grass entirely. 175 more words

Boer Goats

Weed Control - Milk Weed

Milk weed can be a problem as it grows quite densely where it established itself, and is not really grazed my any animals. Goats will eat the seed pods, and nibble on the leaves in winter, but it becomes problematic if it starts growing in any field that will be cut for hay. 138 more words


Weed Control - Pom Pom Weed

Pom pom weed is a very invasive weed in South Africa. It is common along road verges and in fallow lands but can also invade pastures and natural grazing. 161 more words



Cultivation is the main tool for water saving in dry farming. Rainfall cannot be modified, but evapotranspiration can be to some extent with cultivation, which consists of the shallow till of the soil. 254 more words

Sustainable Agriculture

Useless  &%@#*&!ing Hoe!

A rant about the general decline in the quality of manufactured goods, with particular reference to gardening tools. 895 more words

New & Emerging Markets

Not sure where the markets are headed in 2016? We can help!

At our upcoming seminar, Next Generation Farming: Yesterday’s Wisdom + Today’s Technology = Our Future… 841 more words

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