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Fall Yard and Garden Issues

Fall will be here before we know it. Take the time to read this to help you through all of your horticulture and insect issues during the fall months. 559 more words

Plant Management

World's Worst Gardener award

Look at this travesty. This used to be my beloved front triangle garden. Now, it’s just a crabgrass farm.

People love this garden and it gets lots of compliments. 1,463 more words

Craftsman Bungalow DIY

Bark Mulch: For people who love Organic Gardening

Whether you have hired a gardener or getting your hands in soil yourself, it is important to acquaint yourself with the term ‘Organic gardening’. When you choose ‘a natural way’ to enhance the look of your garden, you are doing organic gardening. 210 more words


West Coast Bark: To beautify your garden

If you have been searching for the finest producers of bark mulch in Vancouver, then West Coast Bark is the right choice for you. Why? Because they have been providing high quality bark mulch since 1959. 191 more words


Bindweed in Bloom--Show No Mercy

Bindweed.  You’ve seen it. It’s everywhere–little morning-glory-like flowers on vines with elongated, arrowhead-shaped leaves.

This ubiquitous plant enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a noxious weed, with a mugshot on the  502 more words

Garden Maintenance

Weed control among topics to be discussed at field days

There’s nothing like good old fashion weed control. Or is there?

Controlling weeds without chemicals doesn’t have to be a large expense, as in Doudlah’s case, it was gathering the youth in his town. 17 more words

Organic Farming

Best Lawn Fertilizing Company in Pittsburgh

Here are the 5 best fertilizing companies in Pittsburgh based on nominations and suggestions by the people of Pittsburgh as well as us reviewing comments and reviews about these companies online. 9 more words

Best Fertilizing Company In Pittsburgh