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Between art project and decoration

For my last entry for EVIS 101 of creative visual practices I was thinking of integrating the assignment about elements of art and principles of design. 297 more words

Week 10

Meditation (Week 10)-sometimes meditation is not enough

There is a very hard month behind me but I tried to face all the problems with a smile and hope that everything will be alright.I practiced my meditation every day even if I couldn’t find a calm place,even if I was incredibly tired,even I thought I couldn’t do it. 104 more words

America's road towards beyond zero (a hard one)

After 10 weeks of studying about regenerative studies, I feel much more enlightened about the real nuances of talking about sustainability and the vocabulary that most people believe to be in the best of intentions. 409 more words

Week 10

Degenerative Invations


In his documentary, Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond shares his interest in searching for the moment in time in which resources became disproportionally distributed among different races. 465 more words

Week 10.0: Farewell But Not Goodbye

I survived my first semester of university! I know it sounds cliché but time has gone by so fast. My first RTA 103 lecture honestly felt like a week ago. 276 more words


Week 10 - Feeling the layers fall away....

All I got to say about this week is wow…. I’m a little sluggish right now as I am really trying to orient myself again with the results of being furnished with yet another layer of the right principles! 737 more words


Week 10 (11-28-16) Which Snack food is the Greasiest?

Well. We can conclude already that the preservatives found in Country White bread are certainly extending its shelf life. Absolutely zero bread molding yet for anyone. 473 more words

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