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Winter 2017 – Week 12 Impressions

Though Kobayashi-san lingers on for one final week, I think it’s safe to say that the Winter season is finally over. All in all, it may not have been as barren of a season as I initially thought it would be however  777 more words

Weekly Review

A Trip Across the City!

For what it’s worth, I couldn’t find a free image of businesswomen shaking hands. Make of that what you will, and take into account the fact that I spent less than 6 minutes on the endeavor, but it did remind me of… 505 more words

Summer Project

Singkarpor - Aik Beng Chia

What do you SEE?

  • Different types of lines which create the depth effect and directional planes;
    Making the image appears 3-Dimensional.
  • Overview scale which shows the elements in a compact size;
  • 112 more words
Photographer Of The Week

Black Mirror

While watching the episode of Black Mirror required as one of our viewings this week, it was kind of hard to see how this could be comedic. 194 more words

Group A

Cartoons, Minstrel Shows, and Animality

During class on Monday, we very briefly covered the idea of cartoons mimicking the minstrel show of the early 1900’s through the 1930’s. This portion was very interesting to me, specifically due to the fact that I had previously read about the minstrelsy in a book by Franz Fanon. 311 more words

Money Management Abroad: The Basics

In this exciting blog, I am going to be talking about how I manage my money, focusing on the cards and cash methods. It seems like basic logic but when you can’t read anything in the entire store, it makes it a tad more challenging. 528 more words

Week 10

Switching it Up

Due to scheduling conflicts over the past couple of weeks, Eli and I have not been able to meet. Instead I have been reciting the alphabet on my own as well as attempting to memorize the words he has taught me. 401 more words

Independent Learning Project