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19th Fast Day

I did this fast day on Tuesday, it was okay, I had class at 10am and then again at 2pm I ate between these times and then dinner after my Legs, bums and tums class at 8pm, I really didn’t feel that hungry today. 205 more words

52 Diet

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Starting 5 March 2015

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This Week

Letter 10: ESFJ (I)

Hi all,

I’m first to post for the first time in awhile! I’m sort of cheating because it’s Wednesday night, but I realized that I’ll be quite busy tomorrow and may not have the chance to post. 2,509 more words

Week 10

Kissing. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing? We often see a lot of kissing in movies especially if it is a romantic flick. All the cheesy-ness scatter every time we watch a boy smooching with a girl. 234 more words


Week 10

Well I had the twins over the weekend. They were dropped off Saturday at 1ish. I didn’t get up at 8:30 like I had wanted to. 427 more words


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is incredibly important. I like that this website offers versions for both Mac computers and PCs. Both computers are incredibly different, and Microsoft Office operates differently on each, as well. 362 more words

COMM 100 - Communication Portfolio

Week 10's delicious lineup!

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VEGGIE MENU 155 more words