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Web Video Journo. Vs. TV Video Journo.

First of all, whether we realize it or not, we’ve all become very familiar with the cliches of television journalism. That’s NOT what we’re doing online. 396 more words



Aaron Sanden – Co Manager

Attempting to narrow this week down is going to prove…difficult.

Starting off this week, Vincent, Saleesha, and Myself compiled everything we had available and put together a rather nice comp for the Evil Quacks showcase. 531 more words


Online Learning

In my life, I’ve only received a D or a C three times. The D was from Business Statistics 2. I have never taken Business Statistics 1, and I’m in the process of doing a grade replacement to put that nightmare of a course behind me. 142 more words


Security & Privacy

My gmail account was hacked this past week. Google’s security services flagged the account for suspicious activity and alerted me to the breach, but I was, in fact, hacked. 796 more words


Smart Cities & Privacy

Future of Privacy Forum – interactive on smart city privacy

Using Twitter for Education: Beneficial or simply a Waste of Time?

Tang, Y., & Hew, K. (2017, March). Using Twitter for Education: Beneficial or Simply a Waste of Time? Computers and Education, 106, 97-118.

The article is a review of 10 years of empirical studies on using Twitter as a tool in learning environments (51 publications). 269 more words