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Anxiety, Chief Among Early Pregnancy Symptoms

This weekend I will be twelve weeks pregnant. It’s been nearly two weeks since our last ultrasound (pictured here, although very blurry). That was just shy of ten weeks, and Quattro was floating around, wiggling and waving, with a great heartbeat at 164. 929 more words


Week 11 / Stills from video

I have been editing my new video including subtle animations that add to the ambiance of the video. I have found that this is quite a personal project now and believe that the simpler and more understated it is, the better as it conveys the idea of ‘Quiet Rituals’ clearer… 77 more words

Week 10

Week 10 / Update

So, as I have changed my idea quite a bit, I am going to edit another version of the surf video. I am also making this as a project that is really personal to myself so am not really looking at it from an outsiders point of view, however, if it were to be displayed, I can imagine it on repeat as a projection in areas where people need to be reminded of nature, to breath, meditate for a moment or maybe do a ritual of their own soon. 61 more words

Week 10

Form and Space - week 10-11

By using shapes cut out of paper on a white paper, I´d rearrange the shapes until the figure disappeared into the ground.

Using a black paper, I cut out rectangles, squares, circles etc. 111 more words

Learning Activities

The Power of Voodoo

I think one of the most amazing about New Orleans — aside from the music — is Voodoo.

Louisiana Voodoo, known as New Orleans Voodoo, is all over the city. 273 more words