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Macro Moments Challenge: Week 10

I was just finishing my meal on the porch yesterday evening and suddenly left my place at the table. Mr. Swiss “Where are you going?”, Me “look on the bromelia, a grasshopper”. 88 more words

Macro Moments Challenge

Nädal 10 - Champions Character Nebraskas

Uskumatu, et juba möödus kümnes nädal bookfieldil. Lõpufiniš juba paistab, aga Championid ei võta hoogu vähemaks, vaid sammuvad suve lõpu suunas veelgi entusiastlikumalt. Selleks, et suve viimastel nädalatel olla eriti professionaalsed, kogunesime Grand Islandisse. 276 more words

Nädal 10 - Tentorife Illinoisis


Nädal on küll 10, kuid Iga esmaspäev algab nagu oleks tagasi 1. nädalas: tuleb unustada, mis eelmine nädal toimus, kui head või halvad tulemused olid. 516 more words

Day 65: Digging Deep

Training plan: 24 km (long run) / Actual plan: 24 km @ 6:01 min per km

My hat arrived this week from catchandco.com (pssst… free US shipping using the code ‘KEEPRUNNING’) 764 more words

Week 10

Day 64: Prep-work

Training plan: rest day / Actual plan: rest day

I had originally planned to get up pretty early to join Barry’s Bootcamp this morning, but opted for a much-needed snooze in for a day of R&R and moving apartment too. 206 more words

Week 10

Day 63: The best day of the week

Training plan: 50 mins (x-train / interval) / Actual plan: rest day

My hip area has been giving me a tiny bit of grief this week, so after yesterday’s hard run, I decided a rest day was in order rather than pushing myself towards injury – particularly with this weekend’s long 24km run ahead (this will be the farthest distance i’ve ever run in my life!) 49 more words

Week 10

Day 62: Unlimited

Training plan: rest day / Actual plan: 53 mins (tempo run for Wednesday)

We didn’t know tonight’s run club was going to be themed for ‘Unlimited London’ – I was already running a little bit late as meetings at work ran over slightly, and then as soon as I arrived at the starting point, I see a sea of folks wearing the same tee (I didn’t get the memo!) – turns out we were all getting equipped in Nike gear, just in time for Rio 2016. 107 more words

Week 10