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Week 10 Post 2 Question 2

The following are three examples of Visual Consistency in practice

The Coca-Cola Logo is a good example of Internal Visual Consistency. The logo, was created in 1886, however this visual consistency of the brand has been near-continuous for the last 100 plus years. 394 more words

Week 10

Week 10 Post 1 Question 1

The Visual Consistency of a product, highlighted in the work “Aesthetic‐Usability Effect by Lidwell, Holden, & Butler, is the principle tied deeply with the overall tenants of Aesthetic‐Usability. 404 more words

Week 10


Just a few days ahead and you will meet you project partner and visit your site. 219 more words

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5. Public Relations Issues: Ethics

As a public relations practitioner you are part of your company’s team bidding for a large upcoming PR campaign when you discover you are very good friends with one of the members on the bid-assessment panel. 391 more words


Week 10 - Andri Kurniawan

Wah, gak berasa udah masuk minggu ke 10 aja nih. Dan makin banyak yang sudah saya dapatkan selama PPL ini :’)


Gak terasa github nya udah banyak aja, hehe. 387 more words

Week 10

Site Visit Information

During your site visit there are some accomplishment we would want to focus on: 170 more words

Weekly Tasks

CED Site Visit Guidelines

Site visit is among the most exciting and overwhelming moments in training, if not all of service. 209 more words

Weekly Tasks