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Week 10 - A New Story of the People

Charles Eisenstein begins the Ted Talk speaking how the little things people do matter in the world, even though the outside world might not be aware. 342 more words

Week 10

Week 10

Discuss the potential of America’s so-called melting pot becoming a strategic approach to climate change. Has the melting together of many immigrant populations within the United States seemed to have had a positive or negative impact on the environment? 751 more words

Week 10

Why are we Hating on Historians?

History as a study is based upon the written word, where the archaeologist studies pottery shards and bone fragments the historian studies writings. I feel that Smail misses this important point. 288 more words

Week 10

Questioning the Past

At the time of this video (2000) and when Howard Zinn published his book (1980), the mindset about history was close-minded, especially at the time of the book being published due to the red scare. 203 more words

Week 10

Diamond, Bird Watcher turned biologist, and historian/anthropologist, geographer.

The opening talks about the beginning of their colonization, and New Guinea’s religious reverence for our cargo, showing a photo of a native with a Kelloggs cereal box made into a headpiece. 331 more words

miraculous miracles (-x*-x=)

So, who watched that Eisenstein video? I know I freakin did. Just in case, theres a bunch of relatively accurate quotations at the bottom – and now i’ve numbered them for reference! 581 more words

Week #10: A New Story of the People / Gun, Germs, and Steel

In “A New Story of the People,“ one topic Charles Eisenstein speaks of how there is a forces of separation upon people. If people are separate from the universe, they start wanting to control external forces and become lords and masters of nature. 401 more words

Week 10