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This week I took a break from everything related to my personal project and researched different storyboard artists from Pixar and Dreamworks and watched some short documentaries on the process.

Week 10

Week 10: Breaking Things

We passed our last challenge, but there are a few things we need for next week. One thing they said we needed was broken things. Our environment should feel broken because our city is a ruin. 264 more words


Writing Clean, High Quality Code


This blog discusses various techniques that can be used to make your code cleaner and easier to understand. Writing high quality code is very important for software that is updated over time, and the following tips will help improve your code readability and quality. 381 more words


Weekly updates

I am working on my poster this week.

Week 10 Update

This week I did more research on people who inspire me. Rebecca Sugar was one of the main people I looked at, she’s the creator of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and used to be a storyboard artist for Adventure Time. 26 more words