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Week 1 - 11 The drawing that changed my life!

This is a weight lose Journey I started 10 weeks ago.

My life before was Hours and Hours of Xbox Live, eating fast food daily, Nonactive and over eating. 576 more words

Week 1

Spring 2015, Week 10: Term Projects, Graduation Prep, and Questionable Content with Qiwei!

The final week of my studies as an undergrad.

June 1-7, 2015

As mentioned in the video, this was one of the most challenging weeks that I’ve faced in my recent studies. 780 more words

- Week 10: Ethics -

Definition of Ethics:

In our tutorials, ethics was defined as “ethos, habit, pattern of behaviour or prevailing attitude”. I partially agree with this statement. I don’t believe that ethics are habits or patterns of behaviour. 756 more words

Week 10 - Nishma Chauhan

Like usual I was working on the GDD, sell pitch, and WordPress. Pat and I tried to make the story more apparent in the sell pitch this week, we also got some new enemy concepts for the levels to follow so that vastly improved the sell pitch. 79 more words

Term 1 PPJs


Week 10 has arrived! Right after class last week I drew and animated 8-Bit versions of our characters to appear on the Jumbotron during Dodge The Pinball. 47 more words


Week 10 PPJ - Ryan Smith

This week, my primary goal was to get some bug fixes in. Earlier in the week, I had to take care of some small bugs with reputation changes never registering. 294 more words


Week 10 - Arjun Bajpai

This week I focused on implementing the remaining audio clips into the game and tweaking some of the code for better efficiency.
I spent about 13 hours this week on this project. 398 more words

Term 1 PPJs